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This week is Thanksgiving here in the US. With that comes traditions and one of those happens to be sales on just about everything. So this episode we cover a little bit of the sales on systems that we’ll see in stores on Thursday and Friday. Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of Xbox One offers and very few PS4 offers. Regardless, this seems like a good time to jump on the next gen train if you haven’t already. As well, it might be time to grab the OTHER system you may have been eyeing over the last few years. Although, as always, it really comes down to the games and if the system has something you want to play.

Speaking of playing, some of us are playing Battlefront and some of us have already gotten our fill after maybe about 5 hours of play or less. Matt bought the game and there’s no surprise there. But James, Nate, and myself did rentals that we’ve already returned. I don’t think any of us outright hated the game, but, for me, it’s just not my type of game. Outside of the gameplay, which, for something like this, is massively important, we praise pretty much everything else it’s doing.


Some of us are stepping out of our vault at the following link.

I should honestly let one of the other guys write this. By that I mean Matt or ArJay. Outside of James and myself, they are the only two who’ve put in any kind of time with Fallout 4. Or say, enough time to have a better assessment of the game than I do.

Fallout 3 never got its hooks into me when it released and it still hasn’t. Fallout 4 isn’t doing it either. However, it’s taken only the first 30 minutes to an hour of the game for me to feel that way where it took a lot longer for me to realize in Fallout 3. While the game, on PC at least, doesn’t seem like it was rushed, I personally feel rushed playing it in those first 30 minutes. There is obviously some odd special connection a player makes with a character when you’re literally BORN in the game.

So back into the vault I go. Where I sit and play Destiny while waiting for the next distraction to come along. I’m not very hopeful for Battlefront, but, like anything else, I’ll give it a chance and see.


If you like the audio version, the book is much better at the following link.

I remember a time when I never thought we’d ever get good movies based on comic books. Then we did. Then I remember when we thought we’d never get a good movie based on a really classic comic book story – then that started happening as well. It…kinda feels like we might be approaching that point with good movies based on video games. And maybe even television too, given some recent news.

The Warcraft film doesn’t have to get it right, it just has to get it close enough that people will go see it. If it can make the money, the studios won’t be so hesitant on going to the well again for another movie idea. But it can’t just be Warcraft that does this. There needs to be a good string of successful video game based films to really get that ball rolling. And we might just be getting there with this plus Assassin’s Creed on the way next year.


We’re still broken after 9 years at the following link.

First things first, the audio for this episode is kinda screwed up. Not sure what’s going on but we’ll see about getting it fixed over the week in time for our next episode. It sounds fine on our end when we’re doing the show but playback and the reports from those in the chat room tell a different story. We apologize.

Batman Arkham Knight is finally released once again to the public but it’s still broke. WB is trying to make things right by offering folks who buy the game all the other Batman Arkham games they have on Steam, but that isn’t really much of an incentive. Most of us already own the ones we want – they’ve been out for years now. Nice try. Also, they are now offering refunds on the game through the end of the year. Even specifically stating there are apparently problems they can’t fix.


Whatever. This has turned into a joke, at this point, if it wasn’t one already. Buy it cheap (very, very cheap) or just go get the non-broken console version of the game. You’ll be better off. Hell, better yet, buy TWO copies of Fallout 4 and give one to a friend who bought this piece of crap back when it was first on sale (that’s actually just wishful thinking on my part – do whatever you want).


We’re almost talking games at the following link.

It was a bit hard to go through the show without bringing up Back To The Future or Star Wars. We didn’t even get halfway before either was brought up and that’s fine. Diversions are nice and, with something like this, worth talking about.

Also worth talking about is Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. The bar for Ubisoft wasn’t really very high and they’ve apparently cleared it from what we’re told. Neither Matt nor myself are sure if that’s the case – those like us who might prefer the PC version still have weeks to wait. Weeks that will be occupied by other titles…likely more deserving of our time, but that remains to be seen. The biggest of these roadblocks already seem like a time gap moment. There’s everything BEFORE Fallout 4, and then there’s nothing until sometime next year. And for the most part, we’re all okay with that.


We’re playing radio show simulator at the following link.

I’m thankful for pinball. Had it not been the preview code I received for the new Balls Of Glory table pack for Pinball FX2, I’d probably still be talking about Destiny. And I probably will be talking about Destiny again soon, but I’d not had a break from that game since The Taken King released earlier in September. It took pinball to break me away from it. Since then, I’ve gone back into Mad Max as well and I’m actually considering getting my hands on Halo and Assassin’s Creed here in the coming weeks. I don’t miss Destiny. Like any good addict, except in reverse, I’ll say I can go back to it at any time I want. But for now, it feels good to take the break, see other worlds, and play other characters. Not to mention do a MULTITUDE of other things than what I was doing in Destiny.

But it’ll drag me back in soon enough. Actually, “drag” isn’t the word I’d use there. I’m pretty easily willing to return, if I’m being honest.


We are waiting for a release date at the following link.

I’m not a PVP kind of guy. I’ve only really enjoyed it once. That was way back during the beta for the very first Modern Warfare. That’s the only time I can remember enjoying PVP. Actually, Day Of Defeat was also good. Anyway, it’s not really my genre of gameplay, but I’ll still put in the time and effort occasionally (I’m doing it now with Destiny).

So that already skews my opinion of Battlefront. And not being a big PVP kind of player, that’s the only fault I can find in it. More experienced PVP folks can probably find more, but that’s where the negatives end for me. The positives, on the other hands, almost outweigh it to the point I’d actually want to play the game. This thing is beautiful. The moment you get put into a game you’re overwhelmed by the beauty of the damn ground. It’s gorgeous. Not to mention all the…Star Wars, you’re surrounded by. I can imagine to super fans such as Matt, this probably took their breath away and left them speechless – hopefully we’ll find out when he returns to the show next week. Point is, Star Wars Battlefront looks and sounds better than it ever had any right to be. I don’t know that anyone was expecting that kind of detail and authenticity out of a licensed product, but DICE have nailed those aspects. It’s just too bad, for me, that I suck at PVP.


We are not a gun at the following link.

How do you fill 24 hours of live FM radio? We’re not sure, but we’re working on it and we’d like for you to help. Details inside (the show).

We don’t prep very well for this show. No shit, right? But seriously, we see the headlines and the stories to talk about but sometimes we miss the updates or the whole article entirely.

I knew there was some commotion about a new Burnout coming from former Criterion developers, but I wasn’t throwing too much of my excitement into the pot in the event this was just talk and not much more. Honestly, when it comes to my favorite franchises be them games or movies, rumors of a resurgence usually never come to pass or fail horribly when they do. Regardless, it’s Burnout and hope remains eternal that something will happen and fill that hole of not having a Burnout game since 2008.

There’s also hope (and a good possibility) they’ll start back at the beginning and leave out the open-world aspect of Paradise.


We’re making plans in advance at the following link.

How do you fill 24 hours of live FM radio? We’re not sure, but we’re working on it and we’d like for you to help. Details inside (the show).

I honestly loathe the line “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”. It isn’t even that specific line I have problems with, it’s the general idea. You could tell me to cut off my finger for the best adrenaline rush I’ve ever had, but I can tell you now without ever having tried it…it’s not. There’s other, less extreme examples but you get the idea. However, when it comes to VR, I can’t help but fall back to that line of reasoning. Anytime the subject comes up you have the 5 or 10 people who’ll chime in with the “fad/trend” excuse and write it off immediately and nearly 10 times out of 10 these statements come from people who haven’t tried any VR. For me, VR works. The whole concept works, from comfort to immersion, it all works. There are very few and very tiny hurdles it needs to get over and it is slowly doing that, but for all intents and purposes, VR works.

Well, there’s the price of entry. That’s actually a pretty big hurdle we’ve yet to come up against.


We’re your density at the following link.

What a difference a year makes. You can go back a year or so and listen to our excitement of Destiny and then, as shows progress, you can hear how it slowly died off week by week and became a game we never felt we’d ever go back to. Or, at least not something we saw ourselves returning to one year later. But here we are, back on the bandwagon again, but this time with something much more compelling than last time. Something much more likely to hold us a bit longer than before – or, at the very least is giving us something we can come away from being more satisfied than before. Destiny 2.0 isn’t yet everything it should be, but it’s on the right road and more than halfway there.


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We’re about a week behind on giving our thoughts on a few games that released at the beginning of the month and we’re not really done with either of them, but we have our thoughts nonetheless. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is out there and we’ve got…something to say about it. My best take away from what Matt and Josh, who called in, say about it is that MGSV takes the gameplay of the franchise in a different direction than it’s gone before and it’s paying off. They can say it better than I can and if you’ve been playing it, then you probably understand as well.

As for me, the wasteland of MAD MAX has been my home and it has surprised me just how much at home I feel. The game doesn’t bring you anything new or do anything differently, but whatever…it’s much too fun for me to play to care. Kinda like how Destiny has its problems, but that doesn’t stop me from just playing for 2 hours and shooting things. It’s good at what it does, and that’s all a game ever needs to be sometimes.


What’s old is new again at the following link.

For the first time in more months that I can remember, we got everyone back in the studio for this episode – minus Dennis, sadly. None of us have put in as much time as we thought we would have for Phantom Pain. In fact, some of us aren’t even playing it. James has shifted his buying schedule of games around almost at the last minute. Nate’s on a no new games policy, and I’ve found Mad Max to be more entertaining. Matt has put some time into it but not really enough to give too much of an opinion on, and RJ is busy with Bloodborne.

While the upcoming fall and holiday seasons usually mean a busy time with games, that doesn’t seem to be the case from our vantage point this early on. We’re ready to dive back into Destiny with their new update, and there may be a new game or two with throw a rental at, but that’s about it. Well, that and some of us jumping back into some old MMO’s.


We’re filling in the gaps at the following link.

I don’t really know a thing that was talked about on this episode of the show. I was out at PAX Prime and the show was left in the great hands of James, Matt, RJ, & Kevin. I seriously don’t know what was discussed so to find that out – you’ll have to listen.


We’re not quite there yet at the following link.

I don’t think we’ve done a four person show in quite a few months now and we aren’t about to break that streak with this episode. PAX is on the horizon but more so for a lot of people – The Phantom Pain is on their horizon and, from the look of reviews, it’ll be worth the wait. Before we get there, however, 2 games are releasing this week…exclusives for each system, in fact…Until Dawn on the PS4 and Gears Of War Remastered on the Xbox One. Each of these seems easy enough to run through while waiting for next Tuesday.

Then we’ve got about 15 days before a few of us on the show step back into Destiny. We’re a bit surprised to say that ourselves but from the sound of things…they’re improving the game in the right direction we’d have liked to seen it go to begin with.


We’re unboxing old boxes at the following link.

The guest host rotation will soon come to an end but for now we welcome a regular caller into the studio. Chris has called in on almost every episode for the past few months and decided to show up and bring a few items with him. This is one of those segments that really lends itself to video more than it does radio so if you’re interested in what you’re hearing, then hit up our YouTube page (or just watch above) to see what you’re missing.