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The Penny Arcade Expo has come and gone and our stalwart reporter, Psykoboy2, has returned with a head full of anecdotes and a sackful of swag. Though haggard and weary, he’ll be allowed no rest until he’s been fully debriefed on the air.

Join us as we discuss the panels, impressions, revelations and madcap antics of this year’s fan-favorite expo.


Does it feel a bit like Christmas Eve to anyone but us? BioShock is the first of this year’s top-shelf titles and it’s mere hours away from release. We’ve wrung the demo dry and scoured every retail outlet in town for early-release copies. We’ve had no luck in finding one, and even less luck in getting this game off our minds. It’s a good thing we’ve got a radio show to help with the catharsis.

And as if that weren’t excitement enough, this is also our last show before PAX! We’ve busied ourselves dictating Psykoboy2‘s itinerary for the expo and I can assure you that, as our sole ambassador, his will is not his own. So tonight, in anticipation of this weekend’s festivities, we’ll be joined by Kristin Lindsay, Events Coordinator for Penny Arcade, and Moe Fwacky, trail-master of the PAX Cross-Country Supertrip. That’s two great interviews for the price of none.

Download now for all of the above, as well as gaming news, our weekly free rental giveaway, listener calls, comments, emails and more.


It’s another episode of Evil Avatar Radio, this time sporting a dirty number. In the first hour we cover the news of the week. And then in hour two, we are joined by Robert Khoo – Business Manager at Penny Arcade, and the man behind PAX. He took questions from ourselves and our live listeners about his history with PA, PAX – past and present, the Penny arcade game, and dropped some info on upcoming projects. Then in the third hour we gave away some prizes to our live listeners, tried the Mountain Dew Halo 3 drink, talked about the Bioshock Demo, and more.

Or maybe I’m lying. Maybe none of that happened and I made it all up just now. You’ll never know if you don’t download it and listen for yourself!


It’s the beginning of a new era at EAR as Scott, James, and I take over hosting duties. We are thrilled to be here, and look forward to serving up your weekly dose of podcasty goodness.

In this episode, we go over the massive release schedule for Q4 2007 (which will put a serious dent in our wallets), talk a bit about the recent “modchip raids” (which weren’t as much fun as a WoW raid, I hear), and the news of week.

Thanks for downloading and listening to the show, and thanks for all of your support!


The Monday after Phil’s departure from EAR, he appeared on the final episode of In-Game Chat to explain why he left, and what’s next for him. That interview is now here on EAR for everyone who missed it.

Download it and listen.