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In any given week there’s a good chance that Sony will be hoisted by their own petard, or will, at the very least, be subject to lengthy discussion of their shortcomings. We feel for them now and wish them the best, but we’ll be damned if we pass up a chance to take a swing or two ourselves. We’ve got a radio show to run here.

As if on cue, Brian Shiau and Jesse Divnich stop by to tell us how we can put our (virtual) money where our mouths are by participating at The simExchange. If you think your armchair analysis of the games industry is up to par with the professionals, this is your chance to make that clear. It’s free to play, and may prove to be an invaluable tool for aggregating the instincts of the enthusiast community.

We also stand amazed at the endless stream of content being added to SSB Brawl, cower in fear of the November release lists, and find out it’s possible to be on completely different sides of the piracy issue without having a meltdown. It’s an episode full of startling discoveries that must be heard to be believed!

Click here for belief.


Evidently it’s not out of the question that a senior producer of one of Sony’s most creative titles would disregard the wildfires of southern California to spread the gospel of The Eye of Judgment on the air. Well, we doubt there was any actual disregarding, but however difficult the circumstances, we really appreciate Felice Standifer’s appearance in this episode and can’t wait to have some real playtime with this charming new addiction interface.

We’d also like to point out that there was far more news of interest this week than anticipated, so we were all sad examples of concentration and self-control. Of course this could be due in large part to the cake we were forced to stare at throughout the broadcast. Listen and decide for yourself. And stay tuned for the brandy and cigars after-show where we sandbag our wobbly opinions on the subject of unified console architecture. And coconut.


What more proof do you need that the cake is a lie than to hear directly from GLaDOS herself? Ellen McLain, the voice of our new favorite rampant AI (and joined by husband John Patrick Lowrie – himself a noteworthy voice in the Half Life series), talks to EAR about finding her way into the head of a passive-aggressive, dominating construct. We’re also joined by Jonathan Coulton, geek-folk artist extraordinaire, and composer of Portal’s inimitable credit-sequence ballad. If you’ve had any exposure to Portal then you know what a treat this is. And speaking of treats, stay tuned as we take our first run at an uncensored after-show discussion.

Click here for cake.


Welcome to the first ever “Episode 77″ of Evil Avatar Radio. In this week’s episode we talk about how we finished the fight (on Legendary & got the skulls) and we discuss further the ending of Halo 3 and a few of the final levels in the game. Fair warning, there will be spoilers, so keep that in mind when we go into our second hour. (Spoilers between 57:30 and 1:22:44)
On the non-spoiler side of things, we talk about Rocket Race, The Orange Box and all that includes (mainly TF2 and the roads that split into the 360 and PC paths), the releases of the week, COD4 withdrawals, the best stickie along with the best suicide in Halo 3, the 40GB PS3, the Bungie/Microsoft…situation, and controller frustrat….wait a minute.

Okay, this segment on controller frustration is something I never saw coming. First, fishbang tells us of when he got so angry, he took his controller outside and shot it. With a gun. As much as I was surprised by that, he then went on to tell us that it’s got nothing on what an old friend of his did. You might be curious as to what that was, but you’ll have to listen to find out. Even more so, the “old friend” calls into the show and tells us of his experience in what he did.

We get phone calls this week from Rogue_hunter (TF2), Ghostbear1 (Halo 3’s ending), and BAPenguin (Folklore).

All that and more in this exciting spoiler-filled episode.


A week out from Halo 3’s release and we’re back with even more Halo talk along with our goodbye’s to the CoD4 Multiplayer Beta.

Welcome to Evil Avatar Radio: Version 76. It’s October and we talk of plenty of things. Here’s a rundown of what’s mentioned: Tetris Splash, my big ass TV, Halo 3 & Your Friend’s List (there’s always that one guy playing something else), the Wild Wild West monster (our progress in Halo 3), skull collecting, terminal activating, Halo 3: Double Dash, Death & The High Cost Of Playing On Legendary, Zombie Game Mode, Halo 3 and the “Not Quite Ready For HD Playing”, mikeohara calls in from the middle of nowhere (remember Mike, you can’t say THAT on the radio), Rock Band pricing, PS3’s new SKU (a rumor a day…), Burnout Paradise (I think I mention this once per show at least), October = Spooky (that, or I’m just a big sissy), fatefodder calls in to talk about Fatal Frame (Yes, I picked a game to talk about that I have never played), we realize we have to get a webcam for the show, and we also discuss EVERY game (and more) mentioned in the title of this episode.