EAR Episode 84: “The MotherBAP”

Most of the time we come here and write about the show and what took place during the broadcast. But there is very little you need to know concerning this episode with the exception of 3 things:

1. A Nightelf Mohawk

2. Child’s Play

3. Evil Avatar Child’s Play Charity Drive

Sure, the show had other moments within it. We spoke of playing Rock Band and our time spent with Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect, but seriously, you only really need to direct your attention to Child’s Play. We’re well on our way to becoming a Gold sponsor and having our logo sitting amongst names like Valve & Microsoft. Achievement unlocked, indeed.

Now maybe you are thinking you heard the show live and all of this is repetitive to you, but it isn’t. There’s new content for you to enjoy. Talk of Deus Ex 3 and Warren Spectre, working for a game store, and game collecting all collide to wrap up Episode 84 of Evil Avatar Radio.

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EAR Episode 83: “This Is The Easiest Interview Ever”

Are you enjoying that Evil Avatar Gamerpic? We are too. And while we do go over some of the bigger news stories of the week, there was no doubt among us that the biggest of news stories this week was not the announcement of a Ghostbusters game, nor the release of Mass Effect – it was, in fact, the Evil Eye to display on our gamercard.

That wasn’t all we talked about though. We talked about our experiences with the new releases of last week. Assassin’s Creed was more than we’d hoped for, Super Mario Galaxy is everything we hoped it would be, and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is the best we’ve seen (and hoped for) on the PS3.

Speaking of Uncharted, we spoke with two guys from Naughty Dog. Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann join us to hear your praise of their game and answer your questions as well.

Finally, we end the show with…even more show. Come on, you didn’t think we’d go without mentioning COD4, did you?

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EAR Episode 82: “Well Then You Should Go Hire John Williams Goddammit!”

The title of this episode is a line that, originally in the broadcast that aired, was dumped. However, due to having the interview with Jesper Kyd (composer of the Hitman series, Freedom Fighters, Kane & Lynch, and Assassin’s Creed) pre-recorded, the line is now back for the podcast. It may seem strange to hear us react as though we dumped it, but well, now you know. And knowing, as they say, is half the something or another. Along with the interview, we also cover the releases of the week (yeah, there’s a lot), COD4, Kane & Lynch (of which T-Shirts were given away), and you’ll witness first hand fishbang’s ability to read reviews of Assassin’s Creed before they are even published and without having played the game itself.

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EAR Episode 81: “It’s Hard To Wake Up Everyday Knowing I’m This Awesome”

I know it will be tough, but if you can tear yourself away from Call Of Duty 4 for just a moment, you might find some interesting discussion going on in this episode of Evil Avatar Radio. Even more interesting is the interview we had with Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling, who answered the questions YOU asked! And even some you didn’t. There’s no lack of talk surrounding Call Of Duty 4 here, and if you’re still on the fence, this show might just sway you to the COD side of things as you hear us chomping at the bit to end our broadcast, if only so we can get home to play the game ourselves. Hell, we didn’t even stay very long after the show because of that reason.