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EAR Episode 92: “Fireworks In Your Eyeball”

“Life, for ever dying to be born afresh, for ever young and eager, will presently stand upon this earth as upon a footstool, and stretch out its realm amidst the stars.”

– H. G. Wells, 1920

This episode of Evil Avatar Radio is a special one for us and we hope for you as well. Now, it’s one thing to have both BAPenguin and Kefkataran on at the same time. It’s one thing to talk about a new game from Team Ico. But to have all of that and then top it all off with talking to astronaut Charlie Duke – well, you’d think it was our 100th episode or something.

None of us on the show can really express what it was like to talk with Mr. Duke or even have him on the show. It is an experience not a single one of us will ever forget. He tell us of his experience with NASA and his time spent on the moon as well as traveling to it plus his return to Earth. What is it like to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere? What’s it like to stand within such a magnificent desolation? To see the dark side of the moon and to witness an Earth-rise. Charlie Duke tells us of those things along with many others (cosmic rays penetrating the eyeballs, anyone?).

So, how do you follow someone who’s walked on the moon? You don’t really. We attempt to, however, in the after show
by talking of the recent Mass Effect “brouhaha”, along with a note about next week’s episode, followed by an explanation of the questions chosen to ask Mr. Duke.

Episodes Interviews

EAR Episode 91: “The 30 Second Delay”

We’ve done our best in this episode to elevate things to the level of spectacle, as evidenced by the addition of our high-tech supercam for the broadcasting of in-studio hijinks. We hope you enjoyed it. We worked awfully hard to make ourselves presentable for live video. It’s a shame we failed.

As for the show itself, we apologize for the absence of Philip “NoShow” Kollar, but he must not like us nearly as much as he lets on. Regardless, we welcome anyone who wandered by for Kef, but chose to stay for us.

And do yourself a favor by sticking around for the aftershow. Special guest voice Porkfry stops by to swap howdies and to pin fishbang down on some of his bullshit.

Our apologies for the audio quality during Porkfry’s visit. No need to go into detail about the problem, but we have since figured it out and assure you it won’t happen again.

Episodes Interviews

EAR Episode 90: “I’m The White Godzilla”

If you’ve ever read on the internet about a good deal on a video game, chances are that tidbit of information originated at CheapAssGamer. Personally I’ve saved quite a bit of cash and frequent the site daily looking for game deals. And CheapyD, the cheapest ass of the cheap ass’ers, stops by on this episode of Evil Avatar Radio (and he’s also joined by Wombat). He tells us of the beginnings of CheapAssGamer, his move to Japan, being a gamer and a father, the Circuit City Saga, and the deliciousness of the “Mega Mac”.

Also in this episode we talk more of our experience with Mass Effect, the wonderful bullet points of Resistance 2, how NOT to let Condemned scare you, the week’s releases, and just a tiny bit on Cloverfield. Plus we hear from Sl1pstream who calls in all the way from Belgium to tell us a bit about “The Club” demo and his possible plans for PAX’08.


EAR Episode 89: “It’s Fisher Price: The UI”

We were away for a while, but no more. We’re back on the air talking about what we did over the long holiday and thanks to the lovely voices of BAPenguin, and TrackZero, the last half hour wasn’t a total wash as we talked about Kane & Lynch (better than you might think), CES, Rock Band, and home theaters.

Not only that, but after the show we have a longer discussion than should be had on the topic of hamburgers. Then fishbang (the real one, not that fake guy on PSN) goes on to talk about his thoughts on Mass Effect and his response to TrackZero on how Burning Crusade can be considered as a Game Of The Year contender. It’s also where the title comes from, in case you’re curious.

It’s all in the first episode of the year of Evil Avatar Radio! Enjoy.