EAR Episode 99: “Off-Road Velociraptor Safari”

Welcome to episode 99 of Evil Avatar Radio. As of late, you probably wonder what the show sounds like when we have no interviews during the program. Well, here you go. In this episode we covered the news of a new Sonic game coming our way, the new Bad Company game and the way it deals with weapons and micro transactions, Guitar Hero for the DS, and much more.

Not only that, we got phone calls! Both of which I hang up on. First up is Dr. Finger where we begin to talk about GTA4, but end up talking about comic conventions and the weekly release of games, then Mike Ohara calls in as well to express his love for all things Command & Conquer.

While fishbang couldn’t join us for the regular show, he does pop up after the show where we talk about our weekend in Atlanta to see Jonathan Coulton, new COD4 maps, our favorite games that had excellent stories told, and we finally get to talk to nabokovfan87 and try to figure out his intense passion for the PS3.

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EAR Episode 98: “I Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny”

Sometimes when you talk to PR you get the answers you want, and sometimes you don’t. Then there are other times when you get an answer like the title of this episode of Evil Avatar Radio, and really, it’s the answer you were looking for, in a round about way perhaps.

Originally when I was told we’d be speaking with Constantine Hantzopoulos from Sega Of America, I was informed that questions need to be related to Condemned & Condemned 2: Bloodshot. That wasn’t anywhere near the case when we actually did speak to him on the air. This guy let loose with everything and it’s really one of the more informative interviews we’ve had on the show. Take special note of his answer when we asked Evil’s question of why there is multiplayer in Condemned 2. Not only does he speak about the Condemned series, but he also goes on to answer questions you asked in the thread…as best he could anyway. NOLF 3, Blood 3, Shogo 2 – all are answered, sort of.

Not only that, but we start the show off with BAPenguin calling in to tell us about his time spent with GTA4 last week and we grilled him to no end on the topic. Trust us, the drool hasn’t stopped flowing since the multiplayer announcement made last week, and Bap’s experience relayed to us only increased our salivating.

But the conversation doesn’t stop there. After the show, we attempt to get Hawggy on the line without success, but redeem that by having S|1pstream, Bone, and thaGirl, join us for a bit to talk about drunken gaming, Texas, gamers making games, and my shame. Afterwards, we top it all off with a long discussion about the Stargate television series.

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EAR Episode 97: “Dammit Slam”

The Dammit Slam – In gaming, the act of being so frustrated at something that just happened you violently throw the controller (and all accessories attached) to the floor while at the same time yelling the word “dammit” and other variations thereof. You know, just in case you were curious about what that meant. Our very own fishbang is a scholar of the method.

We have to apologize for the opening of this episode of Evil Avatar Radio as the stream cut out right before we went on the air. We’ve gathered what we could of the beginning and present it to you here in somewhat of a duct taped fashion. Again, sorry about that.

In this episode we cover the usual news and new releases of the week and we’re joined on the phone by Slava Zatuchny and Jason Faller of Silverlode Interactive to talk about Saga (the free version of which was released today!).

Also in the show we’re joined by Evil Avatar‘s TurboKinny/Sara. She’s passing through and stops by to answer your questions and even joins us for the after show where we hear exactly why James loved the film, Sunshine.

Seriously, he loved it.

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EAR Episode 96: “Cripple Smash”

For starters, we’d like to apologize for the technical glitches we had during this episode. At one point during the interview with Steve Demeter, the stream just stopped. It was revived, but then Steve let loose one of those words the FCC deems inappropriate and so another skip of audio happens. We apologize for both and to Steve himself. We’ll be having him back on the show soon though, so no worries.

As mentioned before, on this episode of Evil Avatar Radio, we speak with Steve Demeter about the other projects he’s worked on and his current gem, Trism, for the iPhone & iPod Touch. And if you want to talk indie game development, it probably doesn’t get any more independent than with Steve.

Also, it’s a Red Letter episode early on when Phil “Kefkataran” Kollar calls into the show to announce his new position at 1UP. We at Evil Avatar Radio wouldn’t be bringing you this if it wasn’t for Phil. We owe him a lot and are happy to see him moving up in the industry of video games journalism. All of us know that this guy is going to be doing some great things and we’re honored he chose Evil Avatar Radio to announce the news. Thank you, Phil, from all of us.

After the dog and pony show, we take the conversation off the air and talk of a number of things. James/fishbang contemplates his anger management along with his intentions of building a new PC gaming rig, we discuss a few plans for the 100th episode of EvAvRadio, our plans for the first EAR Video GameCast, and announce a special in-studio guest for next week.

Meanwhile I try to go for the longest show description written for EvAvRadio.