Welcome to episode 99 of Evil Avatar Radio. As of late, you probably wonder what the show sounds like when we have no interviews during the program. Well, here you go. In this episode we covered the news of a new Sonic game coming our way, the new Bad Company game and the way it deals with weapons and micro transactions, Guitar Hero for the DS, and much more.

Not only that, we got phone calls! Both of which I hang up on. First up is Dr. Finger where we begin to talk about GTA4, but end up talking about comic conventions and the weekly release of games, then Mike Ohara calls in as well to express his love for all things Command & Conquer.

While fishbang couldn’t join us for the regular show, he does pop up after the show where we talk about our weekend in Atlanta to see Jonathan Coulton, new COD4 maps, our favorite games that had excellent stories told, and we finally get to talk to nabokovfan87 and try to figure out his intense passion for the PS3.


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