EAR Episode 104: “Goat Chicks Are Hot”

I’ve been trying to considerably cut back on the amount of coffee I drink, but after last night’s GTA IV gaming session, I had to have some this morning just to wake up a bit more. And you’d think that having a show just a few hours before GTA’s release that we’d talk more about it, but, oddly enough, we don’t. Pretty sure we’re saving that for next week’s episode. What we do discuss in this episode of Evil Avatar Radio is the Metal Gear Online beta that finally got back on track last week. Also on this episode Siraris called in to tell us of his new review site, PlayItReviewIt, as well as bringing up the discussion on “exclusive reviews” and the stench that follows them. Plus we heard from BAPenguin and Mike Ohara.

In the second hour, we talk about Army Of Two – or well, Daniel talks to us about it. In a way, it was a prime example of the way Siraris’ site works. We got to hear, first hand, from someone we trust about the game and he gave his honest opinion of what he played. His account made us want to play the game…maybe not buy it, but at least play it.

Once the ‘real’ show was over, we broke out a bottle of “Military Special” and took to the after-show. As is often the case, it was here that we found our show title, courtesy of the previously mentioned whiskey mixed with the imagination of fishbang. There is talk of booze, City Of Heroes, GTA 4, a Sci-Fi MMO, fish bang’s orange-ness, and the fragtown map packs of Quake 2.

Now that we’re done with that, it’s back to more GTA4.


EAR Episode 103: “Run DLC”

We’re a week away from the release of GTA4, so what the hell do you think we’d be talking about in this episode of Evil Avatar Radio? Exactly. Metal Gear Online and the massive failure of an attempted beta. Now don’t get us wrong, we understand it’s a beta and these things happen, but not with the hoops you had to jump through with all the different ID’s, a patch, and not to mention making sure you had the correct amount of digits just to download the damn thing. We poke fun at it all in the opening and proceed to vent our frustrations immediately afterward.

It was a good show, but then again, any show is good with the inclusion of cake – baked by our very own Soulless Toast/Zillah Dana in honor of fishbang’s birthday. We then cover more of the news of the week including the Iron Man demo, trailers selling games better than demos, the release of the week, Pirates Of The Burning Sea, and the Battlefield: Bad Company weapons tasks.

After the show, we sit down to have even more cake and talk about the GTA4 DLC, MK vs. DC, and more.


EAR Episode 102: “They Got Us Covered Like A Jimmy Hat”

First things first – Holy shit fitbabits called in! We’re slowly working our way to having all the reds on the show at some point or another, we just gotta get the big guy himself to call in to the show sometime.

Now, normally I tell you what happened on the show in as much of a chronological order as I can remember, but we’re doing things a bit differently this time. You see, the show really took place during the after-show. It was there we discussed the recent comments made by N’Gai Croal about the trailer for Resident Evil 5. We’re joined by our producer Hawggy and it’s a good discussion. If you are at all curious of our thoughts on the matter, you need only to listen.

As for the main part of the program, we talked about Microsoft’s fear of mods, upcoming release dates, metal lunchboxes, bobble heads, Nintendo’s release strategy, and more of the week’s gaming news. We also took calls from Ravenlock who talked to us about his time spent with Assassin’s Creed on the PC, Shodan called in too, and, of course, we heard from our resident Scot – Fitbabits, who’s kitty, Winnie, we all hope gets better soon.


EAR Episode 101: “We Had Values”

We’d like to once again thank Kropotkin & Hendrix, from the SuperHappyFunTimeShow, for our opening for this episode. In fact, it led to the idea of asking you, the listeners, for your own openings to the show. Create one, record it, and then send it to us and we’ll open a future show with it.

It’s episode 101 of Evil Avatar Radio and really, after the glory that was episode 100, there’s just no way to unlock that achievement a second time, but we try. We start the show off by finding out what we all played over the week and that includes time spent with the new maps in COD4, as well as comparing it to some play time we got in with the Battlefield: Bad Company multiplayer beta. We also go into spoiler territory while speaking about our experience with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – something every one of us that finished the game completely regrets. Of course, you can’t talk Tom Clancy anymore without bringing up H.A.W.X., and we do just that, with an equal amount of regret, actually. Plus Bap calls into the show and tells us of GTA4 swag he got last week and TrackZero tells us of his time spent playing Viking.

The title for this episode comes mere seconds after the show. And it’s followed by talk of the justification of game trilogies, what we’re going to do between now and April 29th, and it’s capped off with Strax’s frustration with his Xbox 360 and the Xbox Live service along with our monetary uphill battles and username origins – just in case you ever wondered how a guy gets a name like “fishbang”.


EAR Episode 100: “Thank You”

Thank you. Thank you for 100 episodes of Evil Avatar Radio. And a special thanks for the past 30 or so episodes that we, the new crew, have been able to bring to you each Monday night.

This was unlike any show we’ve done before, and any show you guys have given us. The amount of callers we had was staggering. From people in the industry to members of the Evil Avatar community, we’d like to thank Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns from Metanet, Rogue_hunter, Shodan2020, MrBibbz, Phil “Kefkataran” Koller & his fiancĂ©e Amanda, TurboKinny, H2o Ninja, TrackZero, Jazzman, Kristin Lindsay & Robert Khoo from Penny Arcade, Aggort, Shadowstorm, Jonathan Coulton, pseudopseudo, Nick “BAPenguin” Puleo, Larry “Xbox Live’s Major Nelson” Hryb, Deadend, User 11, The RoadHead, and Ghostbear.

There are just way too many moments in this episode to go through all of them here. Really, you’ve just got to hear it to believe it. If anything for the opening montage that was so well put together by our very own Jeremy.

Once we got done with the 100th show, we finally got around to talk about some news concerning the co-op removal from Prototype, more GTA4 talk, and in-game advertising. Plus, we hear again from TrackZero who has a few choice words for Kefkataran (I’ll give you one guess), and Chris Grant from Joystiq calls in as well to wish us a happy 100th.

Again, from all of us, James/fishbang, Jeremy, Kevin/Hawggy, Dennis/Samitchdoo, Dana/ZillaDana/Soulless Toast, the new guy Daniel/danielout, and myself…

Thank You!