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You are currently browsing the In-Game Chat archives for May, 2008.

We have a running theme of giving a title to a show based on something said by our guest, should we have one. That was the case here. It’s Joel DeYoung’s answer to why Hothead Games released “Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness: Episode One” on Windows, Mac, & Linux. The alternate title to this episode was spoken by our very own danielout when talking about Age Of Conan: “Well, time to go collect some sandstone, better take off my clothes.” It’s funny. Trust me.

In this episode of Evil Avatar Radio we talk of a whole lot more than GTA4. We discuss Lost Odyssey, MGS4’s cut scene scenario, the co-op of Resident Evil 5, my recent venture back into the world of City Of Heroes, and our thoughts on PS3’s Haze. As mentioned earlier we spoke with the COO of Hothead Games and producer of Penny Arcade Adventures, Joel DeYoung, who called in and answered your questions. Not only that, but we also hear from Shodan and the man himself, Evil Avatar, gives us a call towards the end of the show.

Once we officially wrap things up, we take things off-the-air for a bit and discuss, specifically, two things. One of those is Age Of Conan and the other is our thoughts on the new Indiana Jones film. One of those we love, and one of those we hate. Care to take a guess?


It was either that title or “Splendid Jetpack Dreams Of The Apatosaurus Named Brontosaurus” and you can find out why in this episode of Evil Avatar Radio. We again talk about GTA4 and where we sit in the progress of the game. Some of us having finished it and some of us having seemingly only begun. But the GTA talk only last for a bit during the beginning of the show before we’ve moved on to talk about Age Of Conan, Guitar Hero 4 and rhythm games in general, hard drive installs, and this generation of gaming. During all of that we wax nostalgic for a bit on City Of Heroes and our first times playing it so many years ago.

And that nostalgia quickly bleeds over into the after show for a bit, where we carry on the conversation of CoH, but also talk about the upcoming release of both Haze and Penny Arcade Adventures. Plus, we talk about our pending guests and contests for next week’s episode and fishbang & Zillah/Dana (Soulless Toast) look for friends in Portland.


I think the phrase is “Better Late Than Never”, and that’s how we feel about Evil Avatar Radio. We never like to miss an episode, even if it means bringing it to you later than usual.

This episode of Evil Avatar Radio is a bit different from our normal shows. It’s like one long after show segment. But we still do our normal stuff. We cover what news there was of the week (and two days) previous and tell you about our gaming since last we spoke (I am way ass behind in GTA4). Plus we talk about the HAZE demo and watch the Mirror’s Edge trailer (again).

Some of our longer discussions focus on GTA4, obviously, game reviewing and what a 10 really means to us (you know, if you finish the game you’re reviewing in the first place), plus we talk about Iron Man, and Jeremy and Daniel have a chat about copyright laws brought about by the Muppets of all things.


We’ve had a week to digest the feast that is GTA IV and in this episode of Evil Avatar Radio, we spit it all back out at you. Our likes, loves, dislikes, frustrations, and hate…it’s all here.

But that all takes place in the second hour of the show. The first hour is still filled with equal parts of win as we hear from BAPenguin about the sad co-op news we got last week (seriously, you’re taking it OUT of Ghostbusters?) and the good co-op news we got as well. Then we talk with Doug Parsons from Guinness World Records about their 2008 Gamer’s Edition.

Then, of course, it’s the second hour filled with GTA talk which overflows right into the show after the show. Seriously, it’s pretty much non-stop GTA discussion, with an exception at the end of the after-show. It’s there that we thank Mr. Bibbz for his generous donation in making fishbang an orange. We also remind you to check out the EvAv group at GoodReads, and the great deal going on right now for a product that could not have a better name – the Buttkicker. Plus, fishbang gives a warning to those interested in The Bourne Conspiracy game, and finally, there’s a message at the end of the show that we invite you to listen to. It isn’t normally our thing and I’m sure we won’t bring it up again for some time, but it was worth mentioning, if only once.