EAR Episode 112: “The Trust Bank”

“The Trust Bank” – for gamers, the amount of trust they hold for a developer’s latest project. If it’s been good before, we trust it’ll be good again. It’s brought up during our discussion of Call Of Duty: World At War. Our trust bank’s for Treyarch aren’t near to the amount of trust in the bank’s we have for Infinity Ward. Same goes for Sega in our thoughts on Sonic Unleashed.

We spend a bit of time discussing those games but in honor of Ticket To Ride’s debut on XBLA this week, we comb over our childhood in search of other classic games we’d like to see show up in digital form. While we do nail some gems in the list, nothing comes close to Hungry Hungry Hippos. Button mashing at its finest.

Also in this episode we welcome Ten19 to the program to tell us of the updates dished out during the week in the MMO world, we talk of reviewers and the interesting relationship they have with publishers, plus we take a look at Limbo Of The Lost and see just how much you can cram into a game without actually doing anything yourself.

From there we head to the depths of the studio and talk about completely random things. Seriously, it’s totally random stuff. There’s web design, health issues, Fireball Island, pigeons, and Leonard Nimoy. Like I said….random.

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EAR Episode 111: “Love Is Blooming In My Pants”

If that show title doesn’t get you to listen, well then we give up. Oh sure, other titles presented themselves, all spoken by our special guest for this episode, David Hayter. But then he busts out with that line and all of us in the studio looked at each other just knowing. Not only that, but you guys in the chat room picked up on it as well. Glad to see you’re catching on.

Speaking with David was a great thrill. Listen as he talks to us about voice acting, how he got started and what it’s been like, plus his screen writing career where he tells us of his time with the first two X-Men films and he drops plenty of info on his latest work, “Watchmen”. Listen also to Rogue Hunter call in and practically wet himself as David says his name as Snake and TrackZero and David share Canadian memories.

We pretty much spend the entire first hour talking to David with the second hour spent more on Metal Gear Solid 4, a mention of (NDA), and an interesting little game revealed to us by Jeremy- MMORPG Tycoon.

After it’s all said and done, we take time in the after show to come down off the high of speaking with David and continue our talk about MGS4 – this time without the restraint of the FCC.

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EAR Episode 110: “It’ll Be A Hootenanny”

And a “hootenanny” it was. This episode of Evil Avatar Radio was pretty special. Ever since the current crew began as “In-Game Chat”, we’ve been trying to have Tycho & Gabe on the show. When we became “Evil Avatar Radio” we thought it might be easier, but it wasn’t. And then, finally, after more than 50 episodes and a year of attempts, we welcome Tycho to the show!

It’s a different sort of interview as we basically just talk news with him including the iPhone (No. I didn’t hang up on him.), RooGoo, demos, & Pokemon. We were glad to have him on and now we focus our efforts towards Gabe.

Also in this episode we talk of the Battlefield: Bad Company demo and have a belated look at the hidden gem of Lost Odyssey. Plus, Paul O’Connor from High Moon Studios talks to us later in the episode about “The Bourne Conspiracy”.

The show that takes place after the show was seemingly reserved for PC talk as we discuss box building, PC Gaming, modding, game content…well, it’s PC focused, trust us.


EAR Episode 109: “That’s Not Going To Be The Show Title”

You can thank danielout for the title. Well, the title comes from me, but it’s because of him I said it. In fact, I wouldn’t even thank him for it, really.

This episode of Evil Avatar Radio is a little all over the place for us. We cover the news of the week and the games we played and plan on playing. Daniel talked more about Age Of Conan and touched on the booby issue. We took your calls – thank you to both mikeohara & MrBibbz. We talked about the limitations Konami had put on those reviewing Metal Gear Solid 4, voice commands in gaming, and a few thoughts on in-game XMB. Then….well, then Strax talked about comic books. Specifically the new storyline in the Spider-Man books.

During the extra portion of the show, we talk about next week’s guest, Daniel tells us something we didn’t really care to know, we talk about Guitar Hero: “Insert Band Name Here”, and Strax and I talk superheroes.