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Welcome…to Part 2.

We don’t have a title for this show because, honestly, there was just too many to pick from (“Snake”, “This is a Stealth Mission”, “Why is Starbuck Calling Me?”, “Tom Clancy’s Teletubbies”, “You’re Derailing My Thread” among others). You guys do that part and tell us what to call it if you want. What we do know, however, is that we start off this part of episode 116 with an odd message. Plus, during the show we noticed some of you got the same thing as well. Jeremy tells us of his first experience with his PS3, his not so great experience with MGS3, and his little pet peeve of the difference between a PC & a PC running Windows.

Our discussion of Little Big Planet, or Daniels love of games that let you create your own content, leads us into talk (more James than us) of wanting less of the single player experience, even when dealing with single player games. You’ll understand it better when you hear it. The discussion then turns to innovation vs. profit when we talk about the recent situation with Activision.¬† Finally, we end the show with more complaints of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (I know, we just can’t let it go, but you should hear how we end up at this point).


Remember when I said that you should tune into this episode because you never know what will happen? Yeah, well, we didn’t know either and this is the kind of episode you get. One split into two parts. In the first half of this first part we talk about Alan Wake, FFXIII on the PC, and I desperately try to find the Tron 2 footage from Comic Con. In the second half, we go around the room finding out that Daniel really likes his Dwarf Fortress and James, he really loves his MMO’s….a lot.

This is one of the shortest episodes we’ve ever done before, but keep in mind that it’s only the first part. There is no after show. There was, but it’s lost to the ages. If you happened to stick around and listen to the cam feed congrats, because that piece of audio will never be heard from again.

We’ll be back with Part 2 later on this week.


This episode is full. We simply can’t fit anymore into it. And yet we still didn’t get out everything we wanted to talk about. E3 may be small, but the information we get out of it is enough to fill nearly three hours. It’s a full plate and we go over all the big news from the week that was. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and the games as well including Borderlands, Sonic, Op. Flashpoint 2, Empire Total War, Killzone 2, Halo Wars, MK Vs. DC, H.A.W.X., Far Cry 2, MAG, and so very much more. Bapenguin even calls in and gives us the info of games he got to play on the last day of E3, plus he and I personally (and by name) thank everyone who donated to get us out there.

The episode is stacked and the episode after the episode is running over with info as well. James goes over his new PC build and all the MMO’s he’s loaded into the thing and WWII Online is discussed¬† leading us into our discussion of the Too Human demo. Plus, we can’t go without talking of The Dark Knight – spoiler-free, of course.


We’re tired. Again. And again we sat down and tried to punch out a quick episode telling you about everything we saw today, but this mini-episode is close to 45 minutes long. So yeah, we failed that. But, I think you’ll enjoy this go round as we saw a ton more games than we have previous days and had some hands on time with a lot of them as well. We talk about Far Cry 2, H.A.W.X., Brothers In Arms, Fallout 3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, LEGO Batman, Project Origin, MK vs. DC (we liked it), and we also got to see The Who, in concert (for free), at a Rock Band party.

It was a jam packed day and this episode is jam packed full of news and totally foul language.


We’re tired. We knew that going in and we figured this would be a quick episode. We were wrong and again (as you’ll find out from listening), my estimate was way off. It’s the second day of E3 and Nick and I are back with our thoughts of what took place during the day and we run down some of the other games we took a look at as well. We start off with Nintendo, and I’ll tell you now – we weren’t happy. At all. But as the day went on we completely forgot about Nintendo (as they seem to have done with gamers) and actually managed to save what was left of the day by checking out more games. We got closer looks at Operation Flashpoint 2, Sonic Unleashed, Mad World, Left 4 Dead, Rock Band 2, and a few others as well.

We talk about them all and a whole lot more in this mini-episode of Evil Avatar Radio.

Tomorrow is the final full day for me here at E3 and we’re going to one again try and knock out another show for you at the end of the day tomorrow. We still have lots more to look at and talk about, so check back again tomorrow for Day 3.


So you thought there’d be no episode of Evil Avatar Radio tonight, huh? Well, you’re right. In it’s common form, there isn’t, but Nick and I decided to sit down and talk about the day and our thoughts of the whole thing. Honestly, it isn’t really anything you don’t already know if you’ve been keeping up with the great coverage on the site, but if you’re looking for our opinions and thoughts well…here they are. It’s a mini-episode, even though it runs nearly an hour in proper form.

Day two will be a long one for us. Not sure if we’ll get another show under us during all that we have lined up, but we’re going to try and give it a shot.


So, what did we learn from this episode of Evil Avatar Radio? Well, right out of the gate we learned that watching G4 for E3 coverage is actually a bad idea. Speaking of E3, we talked to Bapenguin & AgtFox about the upcoming event itself and ran down the list of meetings and appointments scheduled for myself and the Bapster (that was fun to say outloud, actually) as he and I head off to LA next week. Also in this episode we hear a lot about Battlefield: Bad Company. In fact, it’s a subject that just can’t seem to stay away during the show. And we learn that it’s not that bad of a game and may well warrant the full price of admission. But I still haven’t played it yet.

After the show it’s all PC talk as we go into the situation James had with his recent build. Actually, he hasn’t even begun to build yet thanks to a problem during shipping.¬† Jeremy continues playing Diablo 2 (just as he was doing during the show itself) and we’re joined by our producer, Kevin, who brings us good news (he finally played Portal) and bad news (he isn’t making it to PAX).


Given the news over the weekend, it should come as no surprise to you what we’d be talking about in this episode of Evil Avatar Radio. Right out of the gate we go into discussion of Diablo 3 and then further into news gathered from the WWI about, well…WoW – hence the title of the show.

We also hear from Daniel & James on their time spent with Battlefield: Bad Company. I was expecting what I heard from Daniel on the topic, but was surprised to hear of James’ experience with the title. In the second hour we talk about Sony’s attempt at Xbox Live-ish functionality with the 2.4 update to the PS3, the possible price cut to the Premium Xbox 360 that somehow leads us into discussion of consoles vs. PC, and Jeremy tells us about his new toy.

I should warn you now…when the show ends proper, we jump quite quickly into talking about GTA4, specifically spoiler territory if you are still avoiding it. We also make mention of Bill’s departure along with XP from store shelves, James’ new build, and his potty mouth (former) workplace.