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EAR Episode 120: A Conversation With Denis Dyack & Robert Khoo

None of us on the show really know how any episode will ever turn out beforehand. Sometimes we go into the studio ready for a great show and come away realizing we never touched on near half of what we wanted to. Sometimes we aren’t happy with our interviews (no fault at all of our guests) because we’ll either forget to ask certain questions or, of course, I’ll screw it up and hang up on our guests.

Tonight, however, wasn’t one of those episode. Talking with Denis Dyack for me, personally, was a thrill. He’s been involved in some of my favorite (seriously, I’m a fan) games and, honestly, the man really likes to talk about his games and the industry in general. We cover a lot of ground with him regarding Too Human, DLC, 4-Player Co-Op, and sequels. Plus, Denis tells us what he thinks of Evil Avatar.

After that, it’s the further continuation of our celebration of PAX as we talk to Robert Khoo, where we find out that, not only does he enjoy Evil Avatar Radio, he actually listens to each episode. Thank you, Robert. Also during our chat with Mr. Khoo, we ask him more about the PAX split in 2010 (he drops a hint or two during the show), and how he got involved with Penny Arcade along with how PAX actually came to be.

It’s a fun and very informative episode of Evil Avatar Radio. Hope you like it. And we’ll see you at PAX.


EAR Episode 119: Extra Content

This will start to become the norm for us. Doing an extra show in the week gives us an opportunity to catch up on news we missed during the regular show, talk about newly released games, and hit the bigger stories that may have happened just one day after the main show.

Obviously with having a release like Too Human out there right after the main show, we had to use this time to talk about our time with the game. Plus, you know, we’ve got Denis Dyack on the show Monday along with Robert Khoo – we aren’t going to have much time for anything else.  We also talk about WAR & WoW, and the battle of the opening cinematics between the two, plus we go into the jam-packed fall release schedule, and we don’t even touch November. There’s a brief touch back on Monday’s show as we go back into talking about food – of the fried kind, the new PS3 bundle announced along with it’s odd little friend, the chatpad-thingy, and Microsoft’s desire to “rock the vote”.

It’s a short show, only about 65 minutes, and we hope you enjoy it.

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EAR Episode 119: A Conversation With Jonathan Coulton

We really enjoyed this episode of Evil Avatar Radio and we hope you will too. Although, it’s always fun getting to talk to Jonathan Coulton. Turns out, like me, he’s a fan of pinball. So much so that we’ve actually invited him out to Shorty’s one night during PAX for some pinball & beer. He seems pretty open to the idea. Oh, that and letting me introduce him on stage at PAX as well. Here’s hoping anyway.

Seriously, it’s a fun interview and Jonathan does confirm that he will be the final performance at PAX on Friday night. He also tells us about what he’s currently working on, his involvement with Portal 2, and one of the most amazing things he’s ever eaten.

Also in this episode, we hit a few news notes of the week and talk about game demos (Force Unleashed & FFXIII), Castle Crashers, Everquest, Mega Man, Warhammer, & the issue of DRM.

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EAR Episode 118: A Conversation With Jonathan Blow

It happens every so often for us. We’ll get a developer (and on the rarest occasions, a PR person) who doesn’t hide from us. They have something to say and they can say it without feeling like their hands are tied. The creator of Braid, Jonathan Blow, has no reason to hide during this episode of Evil Avatar Radio. In fact, with how well the game is doing, he has every reason to be pretty proud of what he’s done. Not to mention that the game itself is pretty awesome. And well…it’s also pretty.

We spend about an hour talking to Jonathan who tells us quite a bit about himself and how Braid came to be. Everything from pricing to inspiration to conception and rejection of the game, it’s almost everything you ever wanted to know – all without spoilers.

After our chat with Jonathan we then move our focus once again to this year’s PAX and talk with Moe Fwacky, the Cross Country Super Trip organizer. We catch up with him since we spoke with him last year and find out what it’s like and what it takes to travel across the country to the gamers mecca that is the Penny Arcade Expo.

As a show note, you can expect another episode of Evil Avatar Radio to come out by the end of the week.

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EAR Episode 117: “Sorry It Doesn’t Look Like A Butthole”

We love August. Ever since last year when it brought a few EvAv’ers together at PAX, we’ve looked forward to doing it again, and finally, August is here. And with it, just like last year, we’ve kicked off a month long celebration of the Penny Arcade Expo with the first of four interviews. This episode brings us Kristin Lindsay (her 5th appearance on the show) to talk to us about the Enforcers of PAX and she answers every question asked to her. In keeping with tradition, I also hang up on her.

Not something I’m proud of, but then again, I hung up on an astronaut, so I think it’s catching on.

After the show…well, you should download it. Jeremy and James go back and forth on the subject of DLC (or in this case, SDK) and its relation to developers versus publishers. This discussion then goes on to spawn all sorts of further talk in, around, and outside of the subject matter.