The First Episode is live and available for download.

It’s hardly the sort of “first” you might expect from the title, as this is neither the first podcast we’ve produced or even our first show as In-Game Chat.  Regardless, our continuity experts have assured us that the easiest way to avoid confusion is to pretend the past doesn’t exist.  We’ve read the historical texts and we’re not sure we like this answer, but it’s a hard thing to deny when you’re looking to reinvent yourself.

Inside you’ll find discussion on the dissolution of our old affiliations and hints about the new ones, as well as plenty of reassurances that nothing will change followed by immediate discussion of the many exciting changes we have in store for the future.  We’d have liked to have been more overt, and you can’t imagine the painful self-restraint we brought to bear on ourselves this evening.  We can only say that we’re completely stupefied by the strength of our listener base, and we invite you to stick around.  It gets even better from here.


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