The final show of the year is now available for all.

The freshly diminished crew of IGC are offering an unexpectedly long year-end extravaganza tonight.  It’s a 2-hour show, which can either be halved and digested in parts for our brevity-loving listeners, or taken altogether if that happens to be your thing.  We’re as far from having a distinct topic as ever, but with a lopsided number of hosts available we’ve chosen to rest some of our weight on the familiar crutch of year-end/new year game topics.  

We are well pleased with the growth of our hobby of late, and we’re unanimous in our belief that 2009 will conspire to be as rich in gameplay as ’08 was before it, or ’07 before that.  Though what may be most difficult to believe is how quickly it can all get started again, because the time for pre-ordering or ear-marking for spring titles is just around the corner.  Our fingers are crossed that it’ll be worth the ride again.


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