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New episode now available at this link.

We’re in an awful hurry this evening, and we’ve contracted our usual schedule in an effort to flee the studio as soon as possible.  Minutes before our recording began we learned we had access to an NDA-restricted beta gameplay session, and that the session in question would expire in short order.  We’re nothing if not childish idiots where sneak-peaks are concerned, so we’ve opted for the John Moschitta school of podcast delivery.  (Not really)


Disturbing innuendo involving edged weapons can be found at this link.

By far the most electrifying news for the cast this week was the proper announcement of Assassin’s Creed 2, complete with all its bona fides and with enough preview information to keep us in thrall until the moment of release, or at the very least until the Electronic Entertainment Extravaganza force-feeds us all the media we can stand.  And by far the most disturbing image is of where UbiSoft might situate the inevitable “third blade” for the protagonist of AC3.

Show favorite topics “MMOs” and “digital delivery” feature heavily again near the end of our time, and in skimming the episode before posting it occurred to me that beside the point of certain ideas being timely or important, we have a tendency to abuse our favorite subjects and wail our opinions like they’re some kind of prayer or plea.  It’s as if talking about what we love most or what we’d most love to see in our future could bring it to pass that much sooner, or could deliver it to us when there’s no hope of it being real.

There’s certainly no shame in wanting it, but there’s sometimes an awful lot to be found in sharing it to no good end.  I can’t speak for others, but the reasons for my own love affair with the MMO are made pretty clear here, and I could swear that I’d never talk about it again if only each of my friends in the world would play what I wanted them to.


Last Thursday is now available for download.

We’re paring back to a single episode per week starting just about now, so in an effort to sync distribution with production, we’ll give you a week-old piece of IGC today (which is typical), and a relatively fresh one tomorrow.  There’s more than enough to talk about, but we’re speculating and ruminating a lot without the hard facts and solid press we’re sure to be swimming in after the E3 season, and our studio time has been further eroded by other people’s useless commerce.

So it’s two-ish hours once a week now instead of one-ish twice, right?  You won’t notice much of a difference what with how we’ve been running things, with the exception of a more consistent lineup of our studio friends, and the subject matter of our show not being quite so far behind the times.


In-Game Chat is rushing the flag at this link.

“Never mind maneuvers,” Lord Nelson said “just go right at ’em!”  I’ve been a fan of this doctrine for some time where objective flags, capture points, gold crates and things of that nature are concerned – though I’d like to think the admiral wouldn’t begrudge me the occasional bunny-hop or circle-strafe on the way to my goal.  It’s not a suitable behavior for everyone, but it’s the only one that’s brought me any success, and, as with so many other things, I’m (unforgivably) appalled more people aren’t doing it my way.

You’ll be listening to this no less than a week after the launch of the DSi, but as of the recording it had been only 48 hours.  This presented us with the opportunity of unboxing a freshly purchased handheld, with news and commentary and the usual shenanigans woven into and throughout the account.  We apologize for the undertone of sweet chimes and optimistic ditties emanating from the device, but we were too drunk on the new-toy smell to notice.

Finally, yes, it has been some time since we published a show.  It’s all Scott’s fault.


New IGC now available for download.

The Game Developers Conference was still much in the news during this session, and even now the last filaments of related forum threads are being tweezed.  We’re flush with the excitement of expected and surprise announcements alike, and are suitably frustrated by the ludicrous amount of time we have to wait to play the things with which we’ve been teased – ludicrous referring to any amount of time greater than “right now”, of course.

This episode’s out-of-game epilogue is devoted to a fairly acidic and cathartic release of the Battlestar Galactica energy that’s been collecting in our systems over the course of the last 5 years.  There are really no universal pronouncements to be made, and the series finale has at the very least done the job of being thoughtful and provocative.  We’re glad to have seen it, but are even happier now to be shed of the burden of caring.