IGC’s over-stuffed and long-winded E3 episode is now available for download.

We abandoned last week’s recording session in favor of sending Scott to the source of all our favorite noise, and so that the rest of us could be free to ingest all the televised, tweeted, forum-certified hype of the extravaganza without taking pause to discuss it.  Having made that sacrifice, we take extra pause this week to make up for lost time.  Here’s hoping you have four hours of your life you weren’t planning to use for anything else.

The depth of the information stream coming out of E3 makes it hard to discuss every meaningful aspect of the expo in one session, and just as unlikely that we can do more than hint at the podcast’s content in this summary.  We’ve elected to discuss our recollections of the coverage as much as possible instead of relaying hard data or consulting accurate notes.  We’re sure to have missed several somethings of importance, but the facts are clearly better gathered elsewhere, and this lets us preserve what may well have been our best reactions had we been together last week and heard the latest updates in unison.

Just off to the side of E3 is the important matter of what we’ve been playing while the industry tells us what we wish we were playing.  For us – all but Scott, unfortunately – that time has been devoted to our fascination with inFamous.  We intro the show with a half hour of cryptic double talk about the game, and end it with a second half hour on the other side of a spoiler threshold we really hope you can cross.


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