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The Pork Is Meat Episode

Decide for yourself what we really meant by visiting this link.

We begin this evening with the not-unfamiliar sound of a last minute interview at IGC; in this case with Josh Bear, President and CCO of Twisted Pixel, purveyors of The Maw and ‘Splosion Man, TP’s newest brand of XBox Live genius, and one which involves meat to hilarious effect.

These are typically the sorts of things Scott knows to be a possibility ahead of time, but which only appear as a fact a few moments before we walk in the door.  For this reason, he’s often the only one prepared with any sort of material, and why one or more of us is left in the lobby cramming on news.  Yes, or talking about Warcraft.

As for everything else, it’s surprising how easy it can be to stretch a thin blanket of news across several hours of programming.  It’s no trouble at all, in fact, when the twitter-mailing-posting subset of our listener base is so astute.  Keep the information stream active, folks.  There’s no telling what we’d resort to without you.


The Moeversity Episode

You can apply for enrollment at Moeversity here.

We’d like to start off this week by recognizing a tragic gap in our schedule.  Show content that should have been provided at the usual place and time more than a week ago simply wasn’t, and for once it wasn’t due to a real-world conflict or a disagreement with our server hosts.  As a matter of fact, we’re not entirely sure what happened, but we can divulge that somewhere between the recording of the episode and its transmission onto the internet, the contents were completely erased.

Scott and Jeremy made valiant efforts at forensic reconstruction, but in the end nothing could be done, and we opted to simply mourn the loss while waiting for the next recording session to come around.  For what it’s worth – and this is for the small contingent who seem to appreciate the show titles – it would have been The Underpillaged Episode, and I can assure you the content was above-average.

As for this week, in lieu of having Jeremy in his normal place due to work or family or something, we’ve decided to present you with our very favorite Moe of all time – he of walks in the park and Beef Wellington fame – long known and oft-referenced by the show hosts.  We’d also like to note that this is Matt’s last episode for a long minute as he has now flown out to the sand to make bombs on which CoGers may display greetings and words of wisdom for our nation’s enemies.


The Adult Check Episode

To find out if you’re an adult, click here.

We’ve got a full house plus one for this episode with our special guest Ryan, also known as Suave Peanut on the forums, rounding out the 6 of us. We go over all of what we played since the last episode and for one us in particular, they got a slightly used Wii console to try out, putting it to good use to give us his impressions of The Conduit. We’ve also got more impressions of Prototype from Jeremy. And we continue our discussion of adventure gaming in its prime.

We’re directed in our conversation once again by both Twitter and emails and the discussion is lead into Starcraft 2’s lack of LAN play and what that may mean for future Blizzard releases. And finally we go over our impressions of seeing Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen coming to a conclusion on it that you might not expect.

Enjoy the show. And thanks for listening.


The Sandy Wii Episode

You’re right – this episode here should have been available last week.

Clearly you should have gotten another episode long before now, but the show’s infrastructure suffered a debilitating series of body-blows over the course of the last two weeks, and its personnel haven’t fared much better.  We’re still intact, and everything is more-or-less as it should be for our operation, but the demands of meatspace have put us in a bind more than once lately, and on-time delivery is always the first thing to go.

With those reasons out of the way, we’re going to deliver this episode to you without the usual synopsis, and without even its usual bookends of hand-picked music.  The content will have to stand on its own, we’re sad to say – squeaky chairs and all.