The Finally Affordable Episode

New IGC available here, for the low, low price of free.

And just like that, the PS3 is back in the game.  We don’t mean to suggest that Sony was ever really on the ropes – our studio’s PS3 to 360 ratio is 4 to 3, after all – but there wouldn’t have been any gap to close against their competition if no ground had been lost in the first place.  They’ve done well with the hearts and minds, now let’s hope that effort translates to some success in the market.

We’ve played things, of course, but it would happen that our backlog seems to spill out all over the place and make a nuisance of itself less than a week before we’ll be ignoring it for the sake of Batman.  We’re deep in the throes of the first pre-release nerd-tension of the season, and any game that hasn’t been digested fully come Tuesday will have to take a number and wait.

And while we’re at it, it seems the show will have to wait as well.  We’ll be recording on Thursday next week instead of Tuesday, for obvious reasons, so feel free to inundate us with opinions of and stories about your time in Arkham, if you like.

Episodes Interviews

The Mark Hamill Episode

Click here for 90 minutes of awesome.

It’s Mark Hamill.

I mean really, come on….what else could you possibly need to know?


The Roflstomp Episode

This week’s episode can be found dangling from a gargoyle at the following link.

The Batman demo, as you’re sure to have heard by now, or discovered for yourselves, is quite the thing.  There’s bound to be some disagreement on the finer points, and there’s no telling what shape our opinions will take during the final moments of our final play-through, but right now we can’t imagine anything we’d rather do than pay good money to wade through a legion of our favorite psychopaths, sociopaths, and their attendant goons.

In the meantime, we’ll occupy ourselves by having special feelings toward whoever is responsible for the Borderlands box art, by gasping in awe at the beauty of the IL-2 Sturmovik flat-spin simulator, suffering the anguish of having spent real earth money on G.I. Joe, or by considering how much we already love our Worgen rogue in the as-yet-unconfirmed WoW expansion.

Yeah.  That last one’s all mine, I suppose.  Big surprise.

Also, some forewarning.  The Mark Hamill interview is forthcoming, and it’s not, like, short or anything.  Man knows how to bring the story-telling, and we figure it’s worth mentioning that it all adds up to more than 4 hours worth of shit for this week.


The Pinky Dick Episode

No overt comparisons of manhood at the following link.

Phallic humor really isn’t our kind of thing, but that’s a tough idea to sell with an episode titled like the one above.  The offhand comments made in the studio are the ones that usually leave the barbs, and so we’re forced to deal with them when the time comes to name our creation.  Best practices are not always followed.  Feelings are often hurt.  Children are scarred.  But this is nothing to the shame heaped upon Altair by his formidable brucewaynian ancestor, Ezio.

(I’m reminded just now of a discussion about a “third blade”…maybe phallic humor really is our thing?  If so: dammit!)

We’ve raked a bit of television across the first few minutes of our recording tonight, and if you’re not the kind of person who digs on TV, then we apologize for a patchy crossover.  The hosts all like to take some time for idiot-boxing now and then, and we’re generally in good company for the kinds of things we like.  But how, why and where we watch our stories varies quite a bit from one to the other, and it’s the discrepancy that causes some of our unavoidable live conversations.  For tonight, the diversion is short, and once its done with games feature prominently.  Mostly old ones.


The Molecular Laser Episode

Keep an eye out for green beams at the following link.

It’s not unusual for us to swap war stories of all kinds in the studio; stories that will always include a detailed account of how deft we are with some variety of deadly weapon, skill, or super-power.  It’s quite another thing to pass actual deadly weapons from host to host while the mics are hot.  While the details of the assault rifle in question are accurate down to the finest details as rendered in any modern war game you care to mention, it may as well have been a plate of lutefisk for all we knew what to do with it.  Except for Scott, that is.  He can turn on the layzer!

Now that there are no more games coming out this fall, we can talk about PC stuff.  (And machine guns)  Jeremy’s need to tinker with hardware has never really waned, but he’s kept himself limited to Millennium Falcon-esque multimedia living-room rigs for years, and has denied himself the pleasure of doing God’s real work of putting together a game machine.  He has corrected this now to some degree, and there’s a real chance further change may come in the future.  Now, Scott, Arjay….what’s the state of your hardware again?

Also, ‘splode ‘splode ‘splode.  ‘Splode!  ‘Splode, ‘splode.