The Bifurcated Episode

We’re of two minds in this week’s episode.  Decide which is our right one at the following link.

In terms of content, this episode may seem a little behind the moment.  You might also notice an ebb in our pace where you’d normally expect the flow.  This recording took place immediately after our time with Naughty Dog – which was a lengthy piece, and intense.  This is the reason we chose to bring the interview to a close so soon, and the interview was the reason for this late posting – we thought it best to give each room to breathe.  We had planned to revisit Uncharted 2 here, but that seemed unnecessary somehow.

I was unusually excited for our PC-dedicated friends last week, so much of the news being relevant to them, and there being so many reasons to own a good computer right now.  Hell, Torchlight alone may be enough to justify the existence of the Windows platform. But I think we’d be lucky if the powerful good done by Runic balances even a portion of the shameless con being delivered in Modern Warfare 2.  I’m not sure who’s to blame for that, and I honestly can’t remember having been so angry, but I hope we made it worth your time to find out why.

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The Naughty Dog Episode

The most recent in our series of interviews with people who are too good for us is available here.

The show counts itself among the very lucky this week, as Amy Hennig and Neil Druckmann (profoundly well-behaved Dogs, both) have agreed to share a generous portion of their vacation time discussing the development and reception of Uncharted 2, as well as answering the many questions presented by our audience.

The powerful affection for the Uncharted series is evident in its sales figures, its review scores and the forum discussions of its player-base, and Naughty Dog are deserving of all the praise they’ve received.  Their success in this medium is the result of a first-class work ethic and attention to detail, and in no small part to a practical genius they’d likely never admit.

We’d like to thank Amy and Neil once again for enduring our praise, and for soliciting the unusual discussion you’ll hear on the back half of this interview.  Enjoy.


The Story Bullet Episode

Our plot devices are locked and loaded behind the following link.

Uncharted the Second is said to be the best time you can have with your Playstation 3 this season, and it’s in running for best of the year.  I won’t dispute that in this space, and at the time of this recording, we were in no position to dispute it on the show, since each of the hosts is at a different point along the path to completion.  At the time of this writing, however, we’re prepared to modify a great many of those opinions.  Which way they go we’ll keep saved for another day.

A lot of listener mail and a little slow-motion back-and-forth with the forum-goers makes us weigh in on the heavy side this week.  Of course there’s more to be said now than we have time to say, and plenty more to be played than we have words to describe, so it’s going to take a firm hand to keep our rambling in check.  Any clue where we might come by one of those?


The Pointless Crank Episode

Insert the pointless crank into the useless receptacle at the following link.

We’ve done more work than usual in preparing for this show, and more work as well inside the studio itself.  We’re short by two this week (Dennis was immune to the schedule change, and Jeremy is pacing the floor in a smoke-filled waiting room somewhere, handing out blue-banded cigars and getting back-slaps from other befuddled fathers-to-be), which means a lot more effort out of each of us, and none of our simple, gossipy handoffs for when we get tired.  We expected the result to be short, but the two-and-a-half-hour standard remains in place.

What we’ve played is our greatest concern, since we’re taking to heart all recent suggestions that we should move a little outside our comfort zone.  It’s not easy, or natural, but we’d rather not ignore the gap in coverage, so bear with the pace of change if you can.  We’ve also provided supportive remarks on what may prove to be unsupportable causes.  The PSP Go! and Randy Pitchford were clearly the devils most in need of advocates this week, and we’ve spent loads of time on the losing side of arguments, so we figured ourselves to be a natural fit.


The Fishbang Taco Episode

You can avoid the food prattle at the top of this show if you like, since there’s not much in it for the clean-living.

I may act like all sorts of snob from time to time – an English snob, a beer snob, a computer and video-games snob – but despite the guidance of a dedicated and patient foodie-girlfriend, I’ve never been able to develop myself as a food snob.  I wish like hell I had a palette that could distinguish paprika from allspice or some shit, but I’m the kind of person who sometimes mistakes pork for chicken.  So, given my ‘druthers, I’d just as soon have a pair of hot dogs wrapped in a dollar pizza.  Of course, I’d wash it all down with an artisan brew.

Somehow, Arjay had the balls to go and get his PS3 fixed in a way that makes no sense to the rest of us.  Hair dryers were involved somehow, and for reasons we couldn’t come to terms with, it worked.  We were hoping to wring some great drama out of him during what we were sure would be a difficult time.  We were also hoping he’d be motivated to buy that 360 we’ve been pressuring him into.  But Arjay has no patience for drama, and now, a week later, it’s as if nothing ever happened.  I suppose we’re gonna have to break his shit for real.