The Galaxy Class Episode

Enjoy the carpeted walls and space-jammies at the following link.

After the rage-hangover, I can remember being especially angry about two things this episode.  The first is what I perceive to be the unfounded distrust of Bioshock 2 – a subject we expect will snap into focus in the next couple of weeks.  The second, and the one I very nearly regret, is the state of play in Star Trek Online.  At the time of this recording I’d logged only one session in-game, and drew a number of conclusions from that quick flash of license abuse.

Since then I’ve decided to patch up, reroll and apply a fair mind to the game in the hope that I can separate the technical failures from the conceptual ones, and see what the fuss from either side is about.  Whichever way it falls, the fuss you’ll hear in this episode is woefully out of date.

This, our third week ex-studio, was recorded in yet another experimental location.  There’s really no telling what sorts of artifacts you’ll be asked to tolerate this week, but your feedback, as always, will be compiled with all other relevant dataz and shall eventually deliver us unto the perfect recording environment.


The Who’s Matt Episode

Find out for yourself at the following link.

Our second experimental studio session is bottled and capped.  We’ve made a sole significant change for this episode and it’s time for the feedback to do its job.  More or less reverb?  Are we at all in agreement on who’s coming in too hot?  Is the new studio responsible for how terrible I’ve been to Matt?  Or to Darksiders?  I swear it’s all for show.

Bayonetta and Darksiders are, together, a fine enough way to start the new decade, despite how little regard some of the hosts may have for either one.  There’s ample good will for these games in the community, but there’s a sense that we’re foot-tapping with these two, waiting on delivery of the real goods.  Probably that’s just me.


The Fabulous Episode

We’re too sexy for our studio at the following link.

We’ve admitted our helplessness in the face of problems that have dogged the show since its beginnings.  The show has abandoned its old digs for a studio space that’s theoretically friendlier to the sorts of people we’ve revealed ourselves to be.  You will notice the change, so we beg pardon for any jarring differences, and beg your indulgence as we ask for feedback on the guerilla-podcasting.

We’re all present tonight in the executive meeting space of our local theater, with the exception of having traded one Air Force guy for another.  We’ve been a long time without anyone to talk to, and without much to play, so a lot of what you’ll hear amounts to warming-up our process for the new year.  And that statement, of course, amounts to an excuse for a momentary fascination with gay bars and drag-queen Bayonettas.