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We can only remember what’s applicable at the following link.

There’s really nothing in this week’s show that cries out for a setup.  Other than our own thoughts on Splinter Cell: Conviction, we spend the body of the show fielding grounders from the audience.  In case it hadn’t been made clear before, this is now the preferred method of seeding our conversations, at least for as long as it takes us to radiate what’s left of our baseless rage.  Which is crap, of course.  We’re lazy, and we prefer to have you do our thinking for us.  Keep it up!


We’re all quite gruff at the following link.

I’d like to say we’ve come back from our break invigorated and flush with tales of the games we played while on hiatus. The fact is we needed a break more than any of us knew, and not just a break from the studio. There’s been no strenuous gaming activity, and a few of us have avoided even a casual sit-down in front of the consoles. We’ve always worked hard to play as many games as possible between episodes, and even harder to make sure that we’re all on the same page. This is a ridiculous pace to maintain for anyone with a full-time job who isn’t payed to play. Honestly, it’s done us a bit of damage.

We really are happy to be recording again, though you might not think so from the first hour or more of this show. For a moment, in fact, I swear we all genuinely hated gaming. We hadn’t aimed to be so maudlin, but we were just then realizing we shared the same feelings about our past habits, and that we should come up with something a little different. I think we shed our funk by the end of the program, but we intend to adjust ourselves away from the inevitable burnout pattern in the future.