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Dragon Age has, for me, become the sort of gift that won’t stop giving, though I’d sure as hell like it to.  There’s a conversation somewhere in which that line is a back-handed compliment, but you won’t find it in this week’s show.  My thoughts and feelings are well documented, and haven’t changed overmuch since the end of the campaign, despite a broad failure of imagination during the game’s final hours.  But the Awakenings expansion pack demands my attention, the flow of DLC continues unabated, and I’m awfully tired of my own comings and goings now.  I can’t bear to walk away when I’m so close to the end (again), but I want nothing more than to plant this story in the ground and forget about it until the sequel.

I’ve begged for larger portions in the past, sure, but this thing has become a bit “Ole 96er” for me, and I’m not sure it’s worth it for the t-shirts.


Oh my God is that a blue letter at the following link?

We’ve used the stored energy extracted from last week’s show thread to power our way through this week’s recording.  We’ve approached the topic of pc re-uptake more directly this time, but have done so without unnecessary value judgments directed toward the kludgey, overpriced, and unlovable set-top boxes that are so popular with the kids these days.  Diplomacy was the watch-word of our youth, after all; the ethos of our tender years.

We mangle other topics, of course – for the most part according to the whims of our inboxes.  But we hope to have avoided pulling a Molyneux by over-topping the threshold of believability, or making like a bunch of Schafers and fig-leafing a useful barb.


Take a deep breath at the following link.

We’re not prepared to accept the decline of the console empire just yet, but don’t hold it against us if we sing paeans to PC gaming over the next little while.  The particulars of this generation notwithstanding, this is roughly the time when we could have expected to see the first information about successor hardware for the consoles.  It’s also the point at which the performance lead of the desktop becomes clear to even the meanest understanding, and the PC begins to reclaim lapsed users and lost mind share.

In the absence of exotic new game systems, we can expect the raw power of the PC and the siren song of Steam (and mods, for guys like Scott) to claim an increasing number of curious gamers’ souls.  Nothing wrong with that, though.  Maybe this time they’ll stay put.


We’ve only got one setting at the following link.

In all fairness to our inner children, it should have taken something really special to stoke our love of stompy, shooty, pre-historic robots, but War For Cybertron manages this in spite of itself.  The game isn’t a hateful thing by any measure, but there’s plenty more they could have done to commit themselves to the license.  The gunplay might only be serviceable, the environment an occasional disappointment, and the palette a low-contrast mess, but the voices, the characters, and their literal machinations are enough to put it over the top for even a casual fan and player.

They didn’t give us the world here, clearly, but we’d be lucky to be even this happy with our games on a regular basis.  I suppose the whole thing may have been fair after all.