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We’re in the hands of the Keeper at the following link.

Like a personal AI director, our audience demonstrates its incredible timing and a facility for sussing out our weaknesses.  Unlike other merciless overminds, however, we owe this one our most genuine thanks.  Without its pointed corrections and a deep stream of worthy questions, we’d never crawl out of our angry rut and every show would devolve into a slander against some undeserving thing or another.

In spite of the brain trust’s guidance we still have a tendency to act like ourselves, which means covering some old ground.  So forgive us our trespasses, or however that’s supposed to go, and bear with us through the inevitable dog pile on Matt, or some breathless tirade of mine that I have no right to foist upon you.  The inbox will be along shortly to put things right.


We persist in all our irrational behaviors at the following link.

You’ll notice straight away how long it’s been since this show was recorded, and I can guarantee the delay is only somewhat related to laziness.  There’s less movement in the industry at this time of year, which means less pressing business for anyone obsessed with new releases and crowded news feeds.  It’s as good a time as any to ruminate on the backlog and reduce the pace of production, so we’ll be recording every other week until things pick up.  Which, if the past is any indication, won’t be long at all.


We’ve got plasma rifles in our truck windows at the following link.

It would have been foolish to think StarCraft 2 could avoid the controversy and criticisms that met its release, but how those issues have been handled is of little consequence.  SC2 is a juggernaut if ever there was one, and manages adversity by running roughshod over it, heedless of any doubt.  It’s a sleepy-eyed brute of a game, but one with long training and excellent reflexes.  Whether enthralled or disengaged or something in-between, I think we should all respect both its reach and the force of its swing.