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The Eleven Inches Episode

We’re finding out new things about Twisted Pixel at the following link.

You could call this an interview but given the relationship we have with Josh Bear and Michael Wilford from Twisted Pixel, it feels more like we’re just catching up and having fun.

We’ve got a lot to do of both, actually, as it’s been a while since we’ve spoken to the guys at TPG. In that time they’ve released Comic Jumper (complete with a mention of us in the credits and a big ol’ picture of Jackel as an unlock-able), announced Ms. Splosion Man, and have been working on two brand new IPs we should be hearing more about in a few months.

This is as unorthodox an episode and interview you’ve probably ever gotten from us, so enjoy, and thanks for listening.


The Maddeningly Matt Episode

To find out Matt’s definition of an MMO, four of you should click here.

We hope you’re enjoying the more frequent output of episodes. We’re kind of on a direction to keep these coming at a consistent pace. We’ll see how well that turns out.

This is one of our shorter episodes, but we still cover quite a bit, directed, as usual of course, by your correspondence. You guys can come up with some interesting questions and comments, but no matter, we still address them – some of us better than others.


The Female Ferrets Episode

We apologize for our delay without giving any reason at the following link.

It’s been over a month since we’ve done one of these and quite a bit has taken place, both in the show’s life, our lives, and gaming in general. As my writing of this show post and the content of this episode indicates, we’ve sadly lost James. He’s alive, to be sure, but his day (and as it were, his night) job has taken firm hold upon his time.

Instead of the interview focus we mentioned in our last episode, we take this time to catch up on all our correspondence, catch each other up on all we’ve done in the down time, and randomly diverge into discussions that have nothing to do with gaming, but those are minimal.

We would like to again apologize for such a delay, especially following an episode where we’d just done that. But it still stands that we cannot thank you all enough for continuing to listen to the show, writing in to us, calling us, and reminding us that you all still want more of what we do. We appreciate it more than you know.

Thanks for listening.