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In lieu of having played much of anything, we’ve chosen to act like shits about a few of the trailers making the rounds.  We can’t abide anyone being happy about something that makes so little sense to us, and there’s not much room for hope in a world that doesn’t trust us to open our own doors, so things are a little downbeat until the drinks break.  If you look just to the left of our pointless negativity, though, you can make out some faint praise for an actual game or two, which could well be in the company of some weak optimism.


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The hosts are just now developing a sense of the new year. A new year of games, anyhow. Our perception of the holiday season seems to bleed farther and farther across the line each go-round. So far that our list of what we expect to be playing in 2011 hasn’t been considered until now.  Our prognostication is weak, I can tell you that now, but it’s good for men like us to make even a faulty list of what we’re interested in doing with our time.

I hope for once we’ll remember our promise to revisit a past episode so we can judge our predictions, and that we’ll remember something of what we’ve done along the way.