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We’re off the deep end at the following link.

There’s no reason to believe our predictions for subscription-based expos will come to pass, or that our pleas for even-footing in games journalism and transparency from games publishers won’t fall on deaf ears.  Which is all just fine, so long as a top-shelf developer is somewhere toiling away at the SilverHawks property.

We spent more time talking about comics than we really should have.  Not that they aren’t a fine subject, and there’s certainly a lot of crossover, but only one or two of us know what the hell we’re talking about, and the rest of us are either completely ignorant, talk too much, or both.


We’re heavily augmented at the following link.

There’s only this year’s E3 to be dealt with tonight.  We’ve got nothing on our minds but what the hype machine says we should.  Though I wonder, after what Scott says about Kinect Star Wars, if he might not be plugged in to a different machine altogether. One more reason this expo should no longer be reported on or attended in person by humans.  Maybe I can subscribe to a telepresence feed sourced by a cloud of journalist-nanobots?  Or is that what I’m doing already?


We’re in for a pound at the following link.

All we’ve managed this weekend is a survey of our E3 predictions and our hearts deepest desires.  We know better, but can’t help burning our share of prayer paper in the hopes of seeing some proper, cheer-worthy games.  We know that suffering through adverts for Kinect integration or social networking is our due, but would it kill the industry to slake our lust for news and announcements in a more traditional way?  Likely it would.