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It’s a knock-down, drag-out at the following link.

We’re offering a sleepy recollection of the Steam sale this week, and a more animated guess at just what kind of bug is up EA’s back end.  EA’s public spat with Steam is entirely one-sided, but that doesn’t prevent us all knowing the likely truths.  Obvious as those truths may be, they aren’t officially obvious just yet, so we’re bound by duty and tradition to suggest outrageous alternatives.


We’ve got an ointment for that at the following link.

There’s a lot less content in this episode than what we started with, so you’re not imagining any clumsy edits, abrupt changes of topic or a punchline that never seems to materialize.  We left it all on the live stream, apparently.  You won’t mind, of course, since those conversations only dealt with our hatred of children, freedom, hard work, clean living, the American south, tower defense, the rest of America, and movies.

We stick to what we know. As you can see, this episode is quite short.