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We’re mostly non-violent at the following link.

So, Deus Ex, right?  I know, we feel pretty much the same way.  Setting aside over ten years of bias and expectation can be difficult, but Human Revolution has a lot to offer for those who bother to try.  It may well be the best version of DX the world is capable of delivering anymore, which is a sadness.  But there’s plenty here to point the way toward what the future of gaming should have been.  We’ve got two hours of other unfinished opinions in this episode, and likely another several to go before we’ve had our fill.  With any luck, we won’t have to wait so long for something else so worthy of our time and attention.


We speak no evil at the following link.

Well, that’s not really true, is it?  But it’s old evil in any case.  Ancient; nearly a month old.  And what good are month-old opinions of video games without an archaeologist around to provide context?  You could point and laugh, I suppose.  You could mock our primitive belief that EA might not have any footage of Battlefield 3 worth showing.  Maybe you’ll raise an eyebrow at our worship of the prophet Deus Ex, with a future-man’s full knowledge that he’d bring boss fights when he returned.  And how about all those games we swore we’d finish?  “How’d that turn out?”, you’ll ask.  About as well as you’d expect from a bunch of cavemen, honestly.