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I’d should have accepted the virtue of hard games by now, but I’m still not sure of myself one way or the other.  Some of us have spent so much of our lives avoiding the painfully difficult that it seems unlikely we’d ever subject ourselves to it willingly.  Arjay makes a good case, of course, but it’s as dispassionate as ever, and I think it would be unfair of us to suggest that some of what we already love would be considered quite hard by another player.  The question always seems to be how someone can find the difficulty itself a prominent feature, or how an otherwise brilliant game could be ruined without it.  I’m suspicious of these claims, and I don’t expect to be convinced any time soon.


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So, Human Revolution has those four endings that are crap – or maybe not so crap if one of your hobbies is to go on and on about what things mean when they’re in a video game.  There’s also that bit that leads up to the endings.  We feel pretty strongly about that as well.  And the girl.  Really, who thought that was the best way to handle things?  All of this is in the show, but there are no spoiler warnings, and it isn’t handled in one stretch as it should be, so you’re on your own for avoiding what you may not want to know.