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We’ve got one foot on the bandwagon at the following link.

It’s unfortunate we weren’t able to finish Mass Effect 3 by the time of this recording.  We’re always anxious to be a part of the full conversation, sure, but our worry is that the internet is being a real sonofabitch about this game, and it’s doing everything it can to spoil the surprise for anyone who hasn’t seen it to the end.  There’s some degree of difference between how we felt on the show and how we’re feeling at the moment, and we’re trending more towards the positive every day.  I’m told this will change abruptly at the end.  Maybe that’s a fact – it wouldn’t be the first time an ending has crushed our spirit.  But neither, if wrong, would it be the first time we’ve disagreed with the rest of the (apparent) world.  I promise you many thousands of words on the subject the next time we get together.


We’re all a bunch of sluts at the following link.

This second episode is actually the first to be handed back to Kevin for fine-tuning and post-production.  It’s a thing he was pretty insistent about doing, and though I can’t see why, I’m awfully glad for his help.  So, on his behalf, the show is once again soliciting ideas for bumper content, intro/outro music, and any other formatting gubbins you think might enrich or enliven the experience.  Send thoughts or files to one of those places Scott mentions in our greeting and we’ll put it to good use somewhere, I imagine.

I’d like to think it isn’t necessary anymore for me to explain myself when I fly into a rage about this issue or that, but I can’t help feeling I may have Limbaughed the show otherwise.  So however things may sound, I don’t hate Tim Schafer.  I’m sure I hate something to do with him right now, or maybe it’s something to do with the internet and he’s standing just where I’d like to put my soapbox.  I think I said as much on the show, but there’s just no way I made myself clear.  If I hadn’t already sent the raw files out for editing, I’d temper the Double Fine bashing more than a little.  Though maybe it’s never as bad as it sounds in my head.  Maybe.


A very fresh show that has not been sitting around is available at the following link.

When you consider the full five-year run of our show, the lateness of this particular episode doesn’t seem quite so bad. Or am I wrong? We took some time here to examine our recording habits over the last several years, and it’s clear that our frequency has plummeted, though the raw hourly output has only slightly decreased. I suppose it’s fair then to predict that we’ll eventually produce a single seventy-two-hour episode, in the peak rumor season of some year down the road. Maybe that can be the live convention show Scott’s always going on about.

So, there are many thanks and congratulations inside, and some small amount of talking over the news. There are also some empty promises, some stupid ideas, and at least one really good story. But mostly there’s thanks, even though a lot of it is subtext. Our feelings are best expressed in the dialog, though, so we’ll leave you to it.