E3 Episodes

Season 6, E3 Special

This episode doesn’t bear much similarity to the rest of our work.  We wanted to tease out some of Scott’s feelings about E3 while the trip was still fresh in his mind, and we were more interested in his ground-level view than anything else.  There were a lot of rough feelings during and just after this year’s expo, and it’s hard to understand why some of us make so much noise about the show and so little about the games it’s there to highlight.  We don’t have any answers here, just exhaustion and frustration and an awful lot of yearning.  Next year’s show might just turn it all around, right?


Season 6, Episode 8

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A single show just won’t be enough to cover the full range of reactions and emotions provoked by Diablo 3.  The last several weeks haven’t even seen the game clear of the terrible launch dramas surrounding its release, and they certainly aren’t enough to paint a picture of its future.  We’re still not sure whether we love it or hate it, or which of the many different flaws will be sorted out in the near future, and which will linger like a disease.  It’s a leading topic, and there don’t seem to be any news items or new releases standing by to upset it.  Although, there is that one event coming up next week…