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You are currently browsing the In-Game Chat archives for October, 2012.

Here’s a brief update, with another on its heels.  We’ve got a backlog to clear and there’s no sense in dressing up the posts or adding context to weeks-old chatter.  It will all makes sense, assuming you’re up on current events, and some of it might still be worth your time and attention.  Let us know if that’s the case.  You can reach us at all the usual places.


We’re at our worst at the following link.

There’s nothing much to say about this episode.  If you’re up to speed on news and happenings around the world, then this is sadly out of date.  But it’s funny a little bit, and it’s long, so we evidently had a  lot on our minds, or the listeners had a lot on theirs.  I can also promise (or apologize for) another round of backward-looking 90’s worship from a group too old to care enough about what the kids are getting into.  We’re hoping this will drop off soon with the arrival of fresh new games.  Of course, if those games suck (which they already do) then we’ll go right back to yammering about 1998.