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Bungie and Activision made a token effort to grab headlines, but Sony’s announcement of the Playstation 4 was the only story going last week.  We’ve tried hard to stay suspicious, to see past the marketing and to manage our own expectations.  This works for the most part, but there’s no sense in pretending we don’t have fun when new toys are announced, whether we’d like to own them or not.  This is doubly true for the sorts of toys that will influence the news for the foreseeable future, and the shape of our hobby for the next several years.


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We had originally expected to treat Matt cruelly in this episode, ribbing him over his enthusiastic purchase of Aliens: Colonial Marines.  But the game – a tragic mess, apparently – seems to have done extensive damage on its own so we’ve decided to be supportive in his time of need.  Matt’s shame and disappointment are a matter of public record now, and we see no reason to prolong his suffering.  I can’t say this incident has put  me off pre-orders entirely, and there’s a good chance I’ll find myself in the same position at some point in the future, so cultivating a little good will might pay off when my time comes around.


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I don’t exactly know how to preface this episode, since it’s the biggest single change we’ve ever made to our format, and we didn’t give much warning that it was on the way.  It will be familiar to anyone who was with us in our first years of broadcasting, and it will be a strange shock to everyone who tuned in at some point after.  Whoever you are, and whenever you chose to join us, we hope you find something to like about what we’ve made here.


This Saturday, IGC returns to the FCC regulated airwaves. What does that mean? Less swearing, obviously. But it also means higher production values, interviews, call-ins, and new show every week! We will broadcast live every Saturday evening from 6pm to 8pm Central. Until then, give us a like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.