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We’ve reached our stretch goals at the following link.

We pass the first hour this week discussing the resignation and legacy of EA’s CEO John Riccitiello, the possibility of price hikes for games of the next generation, and the various available Bioshock: Infinite pre-order bonuses.  For the second half of the show, we speak with Kevin Saunders and Colin McComb of InXile Entertainment about the funding and development of Torment: Tides of Numenera.  We’d like to thank Colin and Kevin for sharing their time, and we offer special thanks to everyone who joined us live and offered questions for the developers and insights for the hosts.


We’re available offline at the following link.

EA’s feeble excuses for SimCity’s cockamamie server dependence continue to be the most interesting thing going in the news, which gives that story full rights to our first hour.  In the second half we’re back into the mailbag, waffling over a Bioshock Infinite preorder, and reaffirming our stance on mooks, assassins, and the fourth wall.


We’re running at cheetah speed at the following link.

On this weekend’s show, we’re covering whatever it is that’s happening with EA and SimCity, as well as gushing about Tomb Raider, ingoring Assassin’s Creed 4, and swapping howdies with Ty Taylor, developer of indie puzzle game, The Bridge.


Season 7, Episode 5 is available here.

In addition to fielding live call-ins (which have yet to materialize), we’re also once again hosting interviews with developers, producers, performers, and other notable members of the games industry.  It’s a joy to reach out to the men and women who craft the intricate, beautiful, and rousing experiences we spend so very much of our time and money trying to absorb.  We like to think the interviews help our subjects in some small way, and that you enjoy them as much as you can, but we know for sure how good they are for us.  We greatly appreciate the time and attention of anyone who’s  given us theirs, and we hope to appreciate a lot more people in the future.

Thanks very much to Neil Sorens, creative director at Zen Studios, for joining us on tonight’s broadcast.