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Our latest episode is up for auction at the following link.

We’re not exactly sure how auctions work, or, more specifically, how the auctioning off of THQ works, but we know some of how Gearbox works and we haven’t yet come to terms with them holding onto the IP of Homeworld. Beyond the discussion of all the titles Nordic Games grabbed from THQ, we received an interesting email with an idea of a new mode developers could provide for gamers who want to get the experience of a game, but without experiencing the parts that exist to extended the length of one. It provides an interesting concept, and we’d be curious to know what you think in comparison to our thoughts on the subject.


In-Game Chat was taped before a live studio audience (that was empty) at the following link.

Microsoft takes center stage for this episode. The first hour is covering their recent rumors of being always online, subscription model pricing, their media focus, and a number of other things pouring out of the mill the past two weeks. Still, Microsoft remains silent on the issue, but time waits for no one and soon…we should have a lot more to say on the subject with some amount of actual concrete facts. The second hour of the show gives us time to step into the mailbag and respond to some of it that has been piling up over the past few weeks or so.

A show note: This episode and the next few will be pre-taped. We record them live the morning of the show due to scheduling and then have it play back during its regular time slot. You can still listen to the episode as it airs, but it will also be available to download at the same time. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but hope you will bear with us for the next few weeks until our own personal schedules get back on track.


Don’t shoot the skitterlings at the following link.

It’s been a long time since they were a driving force in gaming, but the passing of LucasArts demands acknowledgement and somber reflection, though not for more than half an hour, apparently.  We devote at least as much time to struggling with our feelings about Defiance; a game that far exceeds expectations, but has no right to be as fun as it is.  We also undertake a second, equally fruitless examination of Bioshock: Infinite, and can’t decide if a week’s worth of hindsight puts the game in a better light or a worse one.



God only knows what we’d do without you at the following link.

Tonight’s first hour is largely about GDC, very much against our original plan.  In any other year it would be our sole point of discussion, but it’s unlikely that any other year saw or will see the release of BioShock: Infinite this week.  Given our druthers, we’d talk about nothing but the game, but Matt was within spitting distance of the ending, so we broke protocol, sent him back home to finish, and demanded he come back around for the second hour of spoilers.

Sadly, and predictably, this doesn’t turn out as well as we’d like.  A single hour isn’t nearly enough time to compare notes on Infinite, and as two of us had only just finished the game before the program, there was no time for us to come to terms with what it all means.  As a result, we sound less like practiced critics, and more like moviegoers huddled outside the theater after an especially interesting film.  I expect we can form some honest questions and criticisms before we meet again.