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We’ve got a bridge to sell you at the following link.

Despite a solid three hours of gesticulation, exasperation, raised voices and facepalms, we really don’t know what to make of Microsoft’s announcement of the new Xbox.  There are optimistic voices in the press, in the gaming community and inside our own skulls suggesting we wait until E3 to pass judgement, but there’s little chance we’ll be rewarded for our patience and understanding.  Microsoft hasn’t done themselves any favors and I don’t think their customers should either.  We’ll watch and we’ll wait and we’ll give them a chance to explain, but we’ll be carrying a torch for Sony while we do.



We’re in the swing of things at the following link.

Our first segment, as usual, is brought to you by Electronic Arts and their very tarnished image, which they’ve managed this week to rub off onto Nintendo.  Then we spend a short stretch with a spoiler-free, qualitative discussion of Metro: Last Light.  In the second hour we talk with Jamie Fristrom of Happion Labs about his game, Energy Hook.


We’re going over our buyout contract with Disney at the following link.

It’s the final time that you’ll be hearing us pre-taped as we recorded the show about six hours earlier. Next week sees us back live on the air again and, hopefully, with you in the chat room making sure we have our facts straight. In the meantime, we still cover some of the rumors concerning Microsoft’s next console, talk about what it means for EA to make games for the Star Wars franchise while Disney lords over their shoulders, and we try as best we can to tell you just what is happening with this whole Silicon Knights & Precursor Games situation.


We’re polishing up our crystal ball at the following link.

Time is closing in on Microsoft for the reveal of their next console and that only leaves us with a few weeks left to predict and speculate on what they’ll deliver. It starts with going over game release dates, but like we always do, that spirals into a much larger conversation of how we’re taking the release of new consoles. Also, Jeremy took to Zeno Clash II this week and gives us his take on the “first person fister”. Outside of next-gen talk and what Zeno Clash II actually is, we cover the lawsuit filed over false advertising and our hopes (however unlikely) that it might change the way we’re presented with early game footage.