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On February 2nd, 2007, In-Game Chat went live on the radio. Actual, live, FM, FCC moderated, terrestrial broadcast radio. Something that still surprises even us. Since that time, we’ve changed our name once and reverted back to our original name, done a live show for nearly every single day of the week, gone off the air, out of the studio, live from my living room, a hotel room, a trailer, a rehearsal room, a conference room, and likely a few other shady places I can’t remember at the moment.

That all just means that if we’ve been able to do a show, we’ll do a show. And we’ve done 300 of them now (it’s actually more, but there’s a few after-shows and extra contents we didn’t count). What’s more, you’ve been with us for the past 300 plus episodes. Some of you since the very beginning, some picked up on us when we had a special guest or just found us by accident. But your support over the past 300 episodes is the reason we’ve kept doing them in whatever way we can.

On behalf of James, Jeremy, Dennis, Daniel, ArJay, Matt, myself, and everyone who’s been a part of the whole of In-Game Chat, we cannot thank you enough for getting us to this milestone and supporting us for the past 8 years of broadcasting.

Tomorrow night we’ll gather in the studio where we did our very first episode and bring to you a 2-hour celebration of the past 300 with special guests, calls from previous hosts, listeners, giveaways (beta keys, anyone?), and more. We invite you to be a part of the show and call in with your memories and moments and make our 300th just that much more special. You can reach us at 334.272.9228.

We hope to see (and hear from) you LIVE tomorrow night!

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there.


We’re trademarking EVERYTHING at the following link.

The topic of the episode is “things that aren’t fun to talk about because there doesn’t seem to be any silver lining”. It’s a long title for a topic, but it seems to fit the subject matter: copyright law and skeevy things that should be illegal, but aren’t.

As I said, these kinds of things aren’t very fun to talk about, so I’ll tell you a bit about next week’s 300th episode. You should really try and make the live show. There are things being planned that you’ll miss out on if you aren’t listening to the live show…or at least in the chat room. I like giving hints and using wordplay to do so, but, really, anything I give you here would be WAY to obvious, and I’m not allowed to do that.

You’ll just have to trust us.


Hosts are dropping like flies for tomorrow night’s episode. It’ll be ArJay and myself in the studio with the possible appearance from James in the second hour.

Regardless of who’s there we’ll likely be talking about what happened this week with the saga of Candy Crush and The Banner…Saga and the interesting developments that seem to come daily from that situation. Plus, there’s this whole thing going on with YouTube, Machinima, & Microsoft about paying people to say good things about the Xbox One. Except, just don’t say you are getting paid to say good things about the Xbox One. Legal? Underhanded? Marketing? Will discuss what we know and what we think, but you’ll have to decided if we’re getting paid for it or not.

We want your input and opinions! Our phone lines are open during the show and you can call in and be on the air with us to give everyone listening your thoughts on the matter by calling 334-272-9228.

We hope to see (and hear from) you LIVE tomorrow night!

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there.


It’s an honor just to be nominated at the following link.

We’re still harboring an awful lot of suspicion surrounding the early hype and imminent release of Titanfall.  It’s one thing to mistrust the wave of praise from reporters of various stripes who might well be overstimulated and over-handled at any number of media events, but it’s another thing entirely to mistrust the legions of regular gamers with access to this past weekend’s alpha test.  Try as we might, though, some of us can’t see our way past the pedigree of the developers and the incredible baggage carried by their previous franchise.  Jetpacks, wall-running, and not-mechs might not be enough to turn it around, but we’ll find out for sure in a few long weeks.


We’ve got a lot on the list to talk about tomorrow night, but we’re not yet sure what will make the cut. There’s the little info we’ve gotten out of the Steam Dev Days along with more nominations, this time from DICE, and whatever games we have been dipping our toes in for the time being. And by “we”, I mean “ArJay, James, and myself”, because that’s who’ll be in the studio tomorrow night.

Regardless of the news, I’d like to talk about a feature of our show that makes us somewhat unique among most other shows. It’s our phone number. 334-272-9228 You can call that number during our live shows to talk to us and offer your opinion or ask us questions. It’s come a long way since we were on the air a few years back and we’d love to hear from you. Comments in the chat room are great and we love those but we can sometimes miss those or hit another topic of conversation before we see what you’ve written. The quickest and best way to give us your opinion or share a point is to call that number.

It’s something we’d like to make a regular thing, but we’ll need your help and effort to do that. So the next time you have a comment to add to the conversation or a question to ask any of us or the audience listening, why not call us?

We’ll see you (and hopefully hear from you) LIVE tomorrow night!

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there.


We’re part of a well-balanced meal at the following link.

It’s looking less likely over time that we’re going to find love in our hearts for the Steam Machine.  We wish it well with whatever it’s trying to do, and we’re happy on behalf of everyone who finds it compelling.  We haven’t written the idea off completely, though, as the only thing we like more than being proven right is having our negativity proven wrong.

PlayStation Now, on the other hand, has (by doing nothing whatsoever) generated many lustful and love-filled thoughts among the hosts.  We’re perfectly aware of the limitations and restrictions we’re likely to encounter, but we nonetheless choose to dream sweet dreams of all games from all eras available at all times wherever the hell we want.



It’s the first full week of the year and….it’s been kinda busy.

Tonight join ArJay, James, and myself as we cover some of the high points of the week and talk about the announcement of PlayStation Now. Both James and myself have dipped our toe into the waters of streaming games with OnLive and we’ll compare that experience with what we think we’ll get from the service.

A few weeks back we spent an entire segment telling you about the problems of VGX while mentioning other game award presentations out there and we finally got the nominations for one of them. We’ll go over the noms for this years Game Developers Choice Awards.

Plenty more to talk about as well with Steam machines being revealed and player counts in Titanfall.

Also tonight, we’ll be speaking with Danielle Swank and Jim Fleming from Barking Mouse Studios. Just this week they released their first game on iOS called Lost Toys. A puzzle game without the pressure. We’ll talk to them about what that means, their beginnings, and what’s to come from this two-person studio.

We’ll see you tonight in the studio LIVE!

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there.


What would you do with a drunken sailor at the following link?

I suppose it’s fitting to put last things first for this episode, as we offer beginnings and endings all together in a single show.  It’s a new year for everyone, and with that a chance to build new game-of-the-arbitrary-time-period contender lists (and to fight over them as if our lives depended on it), for platform-warriors to further entrench their positions, for outsiders to misunderstand what we love and for insiders to misappropriate it.  It’s a time for each of us to lift several nagging titles out of the backlog, and then to dig that backlog even deeper.  Keeping the past twelve months in mind, I’m not particularly optimistic about the next twelve.  But, in the spirit of renewal, I’ll wish us all — console and PC, indie and triple-A — a very happy and prosperous new year.

In light of his years of service, I’d also like to wish Jeremy a happy new year and rest of his life.  He’s decided the small matter of home life and child-rearing should take precedence over broadcasting and podcasting during one of his only free days, so we bid him farewell and hope that he will at least be kind enough to offer sideline opinions and technical support for the remaining manbabies with no actual babies to call their own.  Thank you very much for everything, sir.


Tomorrow night’s episode kicks off our 8th season of In-Game Chat and we hope you’ll join us live for the broadcast.

The first game finished for 2014 ended up being Assassin’s Creed IV, for me. We’ll chat with ArJay, Matt, Dennis, & James to find out if they finished anything off in the opening of the new year.

Also, as you may know from last week’s episode, James is the new owner of a PS Vita so we’re sure to get some of his impressions of the device and his enjoyment with it so far.

Plus, James and myself sat down with the Oculus Rift to try out a few demos and we’ll do our best to explain something that really has to be experienced.

It’s a new year, with new consoles, new devices, and a brand new season of In-Game Chat!

We’ll see you live in the studio tomorrow night!

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there.