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We really miss crash mode at the following link.

Give me an inch and I’ll take a mile. More, actually. I’m not sure how it came up, but no doubt I brought it up, but the topic of the Burnout franchise was mentioned and I just ran with it. I could talk about the game for house. It didn’t help that a former Criterion developer was in the chatroom during the conversation.

I’m headed to PAX South for the weekend and we talked a little bit about that…or as much as could be said about something that doesn’t seem to be on the radar for most folks, including publishers and developers. It’s a bit slim. Still, the rest of the guys WILL do a show this Saturday. And I’ll try to call in during that time and talk about the very few appointments I’ve made (Homeworld Remastered just made today).

Speaking of, if anyone else is going to PAX South please let me know! It’d be great to meet some listeners!


We’re gaming in our golden years at the following link.

One of the things I love about doing the show the way we do it now has to be the ability to take phone calls. Emails are great and so are tweets and other means of getting in touch with us, but the live phone calls give us that direct, instant contact with our listeners. And sure, we run the risk of getting the idiots from time to time, but those are few and far between. I mention this because of the calls we got on this week’s show, specifically from two older gentlemen that called us to talk gaming. One was a player of Fallout 3/New Vegas while the other was an avid WoW player. Both of them in their 60s. It isn’t a myth or anything that older people are gamers, in fact it’s very well known even if you only look at the early years of the Wii. I think, for me, it was more the fact that you don’t really hear from them so having two people call in to talk about gaming with us was a wonderful moment. And a reminder that most of us on the show aren’t far from being those people ourselves. And I don’t really have a problem with that after hearing from people already there.


We’ve got some strange perspectives at the following link.

I can’t really explain why it is I do the things I do regarding games I really, REALLY love. Something about if you never play them then you’ll always have them to look forward to. It’s really stupid, and I freely own up to that, but it’s odd. I play a game I really enjoy and after it’s done, it feels a bit empty. I explain this a lot better in the show, so hopefully you’ll take a listen there for a bit of context as to why and how. It isn’t anything I find a solution for or even seek one out. It’s just an odd quirk of mine – one of the many, I imagine.

Outside of that strange reveal we talk about our hauls from the Steam sales and what will either become a recently played game or another stack to the backlog.