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We’re playing our games faster than usual at the following link.

The Order: 1886 has been taking a beating in the reviews and I hope we do enough in this episode to give you a bit of both sides. I may be confusing the people I’ve talked to about the game, but Nate didn’t come away from it as bad as I did. I also had other technical problems with the game that he didn’t. By the way, the length of the game isn’t anything we had a problem with.

Beyond that, we had a call about DLC, some tiny bit of pinball talk, and a pretty big announcement about a future episode that’ll we’ll go into more detail at a later date.


We’ll try again to compose ourselves next week at the following link.

I’m told our Twitch chat got bombed during this broadcast. That is not the topic of discussion in the show but it’s brought up once or twice near the last hour or half hour. I guess I hadn’t watched enough Twitch streaming to know that this happens or how it looks when it does, but it completely throws you off your game when you’re trying to talk about things.

Speaking of talking about things, we discuss a bit of Evolve in this episode along with the complaints of DLC. One, I think, I had at one point but now can’t really see the big fuss of it all. Plus there’s the that whole Peter Molyneux situation that happened last week as well.


We’re giving you what you pay for at the following link.

The discussion comes up every now and again and it seems we always come to the same conclusion – the length of a game and the price of a game don’t really matter. Or well, it’s all from the perspective of the person spending the money, really. What you get out of the game determines to you if it was worth paying full price. Skyrim offers a ton of game for your $60 at the time it released, but it would have offered nothing to someone like me because that’s just not my type of game. On the other side of that, I could pay $60 for a single track and car in a Burnout series and I’ll pay TWICE that for a collectors edition that comes with an extra track and extra car. The value sits with the consumer, for the most part.

Outside of that discussion, Nate gives us his final thoughts after wrapping up Dying Light. And we talk a bit about picking up Evolve – mainly if we would be doing so at launch or waiting for the price to drop. Here’s a spoiler, neither Nate nor myself waited and that’s some of what we’ll be talking about on the next episode.


We’re just handing out shows left and right at the following link.

Here’s your second dose of IGC this week as we attempt to catch up after the delay of PAX South. Speaking of, we spend about an hour talking about the inaugural event that took place in San Antonio. Odd that it would take an hour to talk about something quite small compared to the other PAX events, but I’m long winded. Which is also strange because I am very under the weather when we did this episode on Saturday.

In case you’re curious about our thoughts on Dying Light, only Matt and Nate have put in any time with it and Nate has some very detailed thoughts on his experience. Plus Matt tells us about his time with Grim Fandango.


We did a show a week ago and it’s at the following link.

That’s about all I can tell you about the show from last week. I was away at PAX South, but the show must go on and it did with James, Matt, ArJay, and Nate. I’ve no idea what was talked about on the show, so it’ll be just as much a surprise to me as it will be to you.

You’ll be getting a double dose of the show this week. There is today, of course, and tomorrow we’ll have this past Saturday’s show ready for you.

Sorry for the delay.