Season 9, Episode 13

We almost got the band back together at the following link.

This episode really only consists of two topics. The first part of the show we talk about Bloodborne. The second part of the show talks about Pillars Of Eternity. And I’d kind of like to focus on that for the rest of this post. This game SHOULD NOT be one that I’m enjoying. It isn’t my type of game, or at least a type I would normally give attention to. The thing is, I was never exposed to the type of game Pillars calls back to from ever how long ago. I never had the experience of something like it. I never had a yearning for it to be brought back. The developer, Obsidian, didn’t hold weight with me like it did most people. But now….oh god now…this game is fantastic and I find myself falling into it’s lore and its world and its characters and its story.

This easily defines the phrase, “You don’t know what you’ve been missing.” And, at the same time, I guess, “Better late than never.”


Season 9, Episode 12

We’re still playing Cities Skylines at the following link.

There wasn’t much analysis to give over the recent announcement from Nintendo on breaking into the mobile gaming market. That’s probably because pretty much none of us do mobile gaming. I mean, yeah, there’s a select few games I’ll personally dip into but it’s very rare for me to do mobile gaming (or handheld for that matter). What we can all seem to agree on is the decision of the big N to hand the development of their online network to someone else, because clearly, they haven’t been able to really get it right.

Speaking of getting things right…Konami, what the hell are you doing?


Season 9, Episode 11

We’re getting calls on the hotline at the following link.

The city simulation talk continues further in this episode as I get to spend even more time with the game and my city (In-Game Chattington). But we do get to talk further about other games. Nate’s back with us and has had plenty to play in the two weeks he’s been away. One of those games happens to be one he’s been looking forward to for a while. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number released this past week and Nate spent a good amount of time figuring out what he likes and what he doesn’t about the game.

This is also the episode where we wish the best of luck to our very own ArJay as he heads to Atlanta for the Final Round fighting tournament. He has a few tournaments he’ll be competing in and we hope to hear from him during this Saturday’s show on how things all went.


Season 9, Episode 10

We built this city at the following link.

Prepare yourself – the Cities: Skylines talk is coming. Sure, while the backlog is overflowing with options, the new stuff just isn’t sinking its hooks into me. Save for Cities: Skylines. And it is quite the focus with this episode, and I’ll probably talk more about it in the next episode as well. It’s a great city builder and fills that hole that SimCity 5 left in me by not living up to its namesake.

While Skylines does take up a good chunk of the episode, we still have time to bring up the closing of the studio that made SimCity 5 as well as the horrible trailer released for another game dear to me, Rollercoaster Tycoon World. Not only that but we take a call to wrap up the episode and discuss a bit about Valve’s entry into the VR ring – and we’re pretty happy about that.

Episodes Interviews

Season 9, Episode 09

We’re once bitten twice shy at the following link.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new city builder game on the way. Cities: Skylines seems to be getting right everything that SimCity got wrong. Seems…is a really good word to use here. We’ll know in the next few days if we can eliminate that word, but in the meantime, we try to learn more about the game itself from Colossal Order’s Mariina Hallikainen. This is a studio who’ve been facing the community head on with their questions and concerns. And they are doing so because they saw what happened when Maxis didn’t do this the last time out. They are doing this because they know how gun shy the city builder fans are on throwing down money on another game.

If you want to know more about the game, listen to our interview in this episode. I’m personally excited for it, but I’ll admit, I’m still a bit skeptical of them getting it right. If anything, I think they’ll get it more right than SimCity did back in 2013.