Season 9, Episode 34

We’re not quite there yet at the following link.

I don’t think we’ve done a four person show in quite a few months now and we aren’t about to break that streak with this episode. PAX is on the horizon but more so for a lot of people – The Phantom Pain is on their horizon and, from the look of reviews, it’ll be worth the wait. Before we get there, however, 2 games are releasing this week…exclusives for each system, in fact…Until Dawn on the PS4 and Gears Of War Remastered on the Xbox One. Each of these seems easy enough to run through while waiting for next Tuesday.

Then we’ve got about 15 days before a few of us on the show step back into Destiny. We’re a bit surprised to say that ourselves but from the sound of things…they’re improving the game in the right direction we’d have liked to seen it go to begin with.


Season 9, Episode 33

We’re unboxing old boxes at the following link.

The guest host rotation will soon come to an end but for now we welcome a regular caller into the studio. Chris has called in on almost every episode for the past few months and decided to show up and bring a few items with him. This is one of those segments that really lends itself to video more than it does radio so if you’re interested in what you’re hearing, then hit up our YouTube page (or just watch above) to see what you’re missing.


Season 9, Episode 32

We’re re-cutting all our vocals with Nolan North at the following link.

Matt’s back! But don’t get used to it cause he’s gone again for the next episode. However, while he’s here we get to find out what he’s been playing while away and what he’s looking forward to playing coming up.

Microsoft seems to dominate Gamescom and we give a rundown of some of the news on that front. Plus a nice chat about the changes coming to Destiny.

Also, there’s this weird thing in the beginning where we kinda run way off topic. These don’t happen often so forgive us this once won’t you?

Episodes Interviews

Season 9, Episode 31

We’re digging out our floppy’s at the following link.

It’s hard at times not to fall back into the hole that is gaming nostalgia. We could honestly do it every single episode but there’s shows out there that are specifically created for just such a purpose and we’ll leave it to them to get it right. That being said, we still dive into our memories of gaming past right at the very beginning of this episode. Pardon our dust.

It’s also in this episode we welcome back a guest we haven’t spoken with since 2008. Metanet’s Raigan Burns joins us to talk about N++ and the journey of what it took to make a sequel along with what this sequel actually means to Metanet.