Season 9, Episode 47

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This week is Thanksgiving here in the US. With that comes traditions and one of those happens to be sales on just about everything. So this episode we cover a little bit of the sales on systems that we’ll see in stores on Thursday and Friday. Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of Xbox One offers and very few PS4 offers. Regardless, this seems like a good time to jump on the next gen train if you haven’t already. As well, it might be time to grab the OTHER system you may have been eyeing over the last few years. Although, as always, it really comes down to the games and if the system has something you want to play.

Speaking of playing, some of us are playing Battlefront and some of us have already gotten our fill after maybe about 5 hours of play or less. Matt bought the game and there’s no surprise there. But James, Nate, and myself did rentals that we’ve already returned. I don’t think any of us outright hated the game, but, for me, it’s just not my type of game. Outside of the gameplay, which, for something like this, is massively important, we praise pretty much everything else it’s doing.


Season 9, Episode 46

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I should honestly let one of the other guys write this. By that I mean Matt or ArJay. Outside of James and myself, they are the only two who’ve put in any kind of time with Fallout 4. Or say, enough time to have a better assessment of the game than I do.

Fallout 3 never got its hooks into me when it released and it still hasn’t. Fallout 4 isn’t doing it either. However, it’s taken only the first 30 minutes to an hour of the game for me to feel that way where it took a lot longer for me to realize in Fallout 3. While the game, on PC at least, doesn’t seem like it was rushed, I personally feel rushed playing it in those first 30 minutes. There is obviously some odd special connection a player makes with a character when you’re literally BORN in the game.

So back into the vault I go. Where I sit and play Destiny while waiting for the next distraction to come along. I’m not very hopeful for Battlefront, but, like anything else, I’ll give it a chance and see.


Season 9, Episode 45

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I remember a time when I never thought we’d ever get good movies based on comic books. Then we did. Then I remember when we thought we’d never get a good movie based on a really classic comic book story – then that started happening as well. It…kinda feels like we might be approaching that point with good movies based on video games. And maybe even television too, given some recent news.

The Warcraft film doesn’t have to get it right, it just has to get it close enough that people will go see it. If it can make the money, the studios won’t be so hesitant on going to the well again for another movie idea. But it can’t just be Warcraft that does this. There needs to be a good string of successful video game based films to really get that ball rolling. And we might just be getting there with this plus Assassin’s Creed on the way next year.


Season 9, Episode 44

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First things first, the audio for this episode is kinda screwed up. Not sure what’s going on but we’ll see about getting it fixed over the week in time for our next episode. It sounds fine on our end when we’re doing the show but playback and the reports from those in the chat room tell a different story. We apologize.

Batman Arkham Knight is finally released once again to the public but it’s still broke. WB is trying to make things right by offering folks who buy the game all the other Batman Arkham games they have on Steam, but that isn’t really much of an incentive. Most of us already own the ones we want – they’ve been out for years now. Nice try. Also, they are now offering refunds on the game through the end of the year. Even specifically stating there are apparently problems they can’t fix.


Whatever. This has turned into a joke, at this point, if it wasn’t one already. Buy it cheap (very, very cheap) or just go get the non-broken console version of the game. You’ll be better off. Hell, better yet, buy TWO copies of Fallout 4 and give one to a friend who bought this piece of crap back when it was first on sale (that’s actually just wishful thinking on my part – do whatever you want).