Season 10, Episode 04

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I know video games pretty much get released every single week but it feels like it has been months since anything new and interested has hit the shelves. For me, it probably feels even longer since I didn’t do the Fallout thing. But now, this week in fact, we’ve got two new releases popping up on my radar with The Witness and Tomb Raider.

And I’ll have very little time with either of them since I leave for PAX South on Thursday. I’ve waited this long. I guess I can wait a few days more.


Season 10, Episode 03

We’re dealing with a crap week at the following link.

I have slumps sometimes where gaming is concerned. And while this isn’t near to one of my biggest, it is somewhat of a slump. I’m done with Just Cause 3, and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate may have a bit better quality in the story it’s telling or the characters I am playing, it just can’t compare with the sploding and the tethering and the jumping and the flying and the sploding of Just Cause 3. Doesn’t mean I won’t get around to playing it, but it’s taking some time for me to adjust, I suppose.

This isn’t a slump to last very long. Next week is Tomb Raider and The Witness. And PAX South, so it’s nothing major but a possible calm before the eventual storm once again. This one that should take me into Firewatch and Unravel and leading into Uncharted 4. There’s likely plenty of other games I missed in that list that I’m going to put time into but off the top of my head, that isn’t bad for the next few weeks and months.

As for the crap week. Well, that had nothing to do with gaming. It’s just really very sad when people you really like and admired aren’t around anymore.


Season 10, Episode 02

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I need an Oculus Rift like I need a hole in my head. That’s probably something I thought a long time ago when it was announced. Maybe. Still, it’s been refined since then so how far off that statement am I at the moment?

Oh look at that! The same intro works two weeks in a row. Actually, I just did that for shits and giggles. Seriously, I want a Rift. Or well, I want VR. I’ll take a Rift, a Vive, even Sony’s offering, but I want it. I’ve been in that world and I want to go back in any way I can – preferably the best way on offer. We know in the console world, that will be the thing for the PlayStation and for PC…well, the jury is still out on that isn’t it?

Whatever happens, we’ve come to the understanding that the cost of entry this year won’t be cheap. Some prices will look better than others, probably, but we won’t think of it as anything affordable in any sort of standards we’re currently…standing…on.

Still, 2016 is the year VR comes into the homes of the consumers. This isn’t Nintendo’s waggle. This isn’t Microsoft’s Kinect. This isn’t Playstation’s Move. This goes beyond gimmick (I know you think I am wrong on this, right now, but I’m more than willing to stand my ground on that statement), goes beyond fad. It’s here to stay for a good while, probably on into the next console cycle. It’ll get refined, become cheaper, better, more comfortable, and will be as competitive as the consoles are now. This is all good news, though. For people like us, anyway.


Season 10, Episode 01

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I need a Steam Controller like I need a hole in my head. That’s probably something I thought a long time ago when it was announced. Maybe. Still, it’s been refined and released since then so how far off that statement am I at the moment?

Nate and Dennis both got one over the holidays and Nate brought his into the show this week. It’s unique and feels perfectly fine in my hands, though Matt had some issue with that. It has my curiosity just to try it out (as almost anything new like this would do – he says as his eyes wander over to the Rift announcement tomorrow), but it still doesn’t feel like it’s replacing a need.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s crap and I’m not saying it’s pointless. I’m saying that for me, right now, there is no hole that this fills. There was never some question I ever had that this controller answers. At least not that I can see, but that can easily change. I’m becoming far more lazier in my gaming and have both my PS4 & Xbox One hooked up to the TV in the bedroom. If this controller and a Steam Link can put my PC gaming in there with them and allow me to comfortably play all my PC games – then the need may have just been met.