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Season 10, Episode 26

Is this episode a buy, wait for a sale, rent, or never touch? Find out at the following link.

It isn’t often we have a guest host on the show. Sitting in for the full 2 hours is daunting and that comes from those of us who do it each week. However, if there is anyone who is up to that challenge and goes above and beyond, it’s our guest host for this episode. We’re pleased to welcome Karak from ACG who joins us for the full two hours on the phone and chimes in with his thoughts on what he’s played and playing, E3, and a little bit about that G2A thing going on with Tiny Build. If you aren’t familiar with ACG and what Karak does, he explains on the show, but you can also click here to see his videos on YouTube.

It was our pleasure to have Karak on the show and we hope to have him on again very soon.

E3 Episodes

Season 10, Episode 25

Our opening video shows more games than EA did at the following link.

If we’re picking winners of E3 based on the conferences alone, Sony wins in our book. We easily tell you why in this episode and while we’re likely to find disagreement on our selection, this is strictly based on just our opinions. They way we felt collectively during Sony’s press conference was, somehow, greater than how I collectively felt during their conference last year. We’re not sure how they did it, but they did it. Actually, we are kinda sure and, again, we tell you why in the episode.

If we’re picking losers for E3 based on conferences alone, EA failed miserably. Although Ubisoft is a VERY close second and likely would have tied for the honor were it not for South Park.


Season 10, Episode 24

We’re talking about E3 at the following link.

It’s one of our most irrelevant shows. The show before E3. I mean, it’s quite relevant at the time we record it, but by the time you hear it (if you don’t tune into the live show), it’s all old and outdated news and discussion. A lot of what you hear in this episode every year is just us and our thoughts on what’s to come at E3 this week. By Tuesday, when this show goes up for download and whatever, it’s already said and done.

Outside of that, we do talk a bit more about Dangerous Golf and I give my thoughts on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. So for that, at least, we hope you’ll tune in. Then again, half the fun is seeing how right or wrong we were in our hopes and expectations. Here’s a spoiler for next week: we’re already disappointed in EA’s showing.


Season 10, Episode 23

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then is must be…at the following link.

If you want more Burnout games, then buy Dangerous Golf. I’m just going to get right to the point of something I’ll probably say again on next week’s episode. I want more Burnout games. Support Dangerous Golf and there’s hope we’ll have something later in the style of Burnout 3. If I have a preference, I’d like you to support it on PC so I’ll have more people on my leaderboards to play against, but go with it wherever you like. I’ll actually probably double dip with it on PS4. It’s Burnout’s crash mode with a golf ball and it doesn’t really do anything to hide that fact. It smashes you over the head with about as much subtlety as most of the levels in the game with the explosions and carnage you create.

It’s delightful destruction, choreographed chaos, and artful anarchy. It’s also a high score chaser and I would really like more high scores to chase. Get on it.