Season 10, Episode 42

We’re not making stupid switch puns at the following link.

I don’t like the name. I’m actually just now pondering this and I don’t like the name. Adding “Super” to the NES was fine. And adding a 64 at the end of Nintendo also worked. The GameCube even worked and was a fantastic name for what that console was. Then came the Wii and Nintendo hasn’t looked back since on how to name their home consoles. Same applies with the new one. I’m sure the marketing department was ALL over this thing with the way they could promote it. The term “make the switch” will likely be the tagline for the ad campaign. They are going to pun the hell out of this thing.

So, there’s my thoughts on the name, which we oddly didn’t discuss in this episode. We do discuss the Switch, however and give it a full hour to ponder what this thing is and what it might end up being. We’d like your opinion though so leave comments or send us some emails and give us your thoughts. According to Nintendo, the conversation for this thing is over with at the end of the 3 minute video they released, but there’s no way we’re going to let it end there.

That really would be a switch. I swear that’s the first and only time we’ll pun this thing.

I promise.


Season 10, Episode 41

We’re gonna miss Nate at the following link.

Nate returned!!! Everybody’s happy!! Except he only returned to tell us he wouldn’t be coming back for a good while. Everybody’s sad. Actually, we’re all really happy for him and the new job he got. This whole thing is just some side fun for us. Jobs, life, everything else comes first before this show so Nate’s new venture, while meaning he won’t be able to make the show for a while, is still a very good thing and one we wish him well with.

Well, it’s out in the wild. PSVR is upon us and I didn’t get near enough time with it I had hoped by the airing of this episode. However, as of this posting I have put in a lot more time with it and next week I’ll have a better talk about what it does right, what it does wrong, and what it doesn’t do at all. As a tease, that Batman VR thing makes me feel justified in the money I spent on it.

But you all know me and Batman, so do with that what you will.


Season 10, Episode 40

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So look, for the past 3 weeks or more now I’ve been talking about Destiny in these things and I’d really like to stop now. But I can’t. It’s what I played, it’s what Matt played and even RJ is looking to possibly get back into it. Maybe. I mean, he fired it up this weekend, so I dunno. But yeah, Iron Banner was this week and it has changed A LOT in year 3. And for the better. So there. There’s my Destiny talk for the week. Moving on.

I don’t know if it’s just me but the launch of PSVR seems to be moving along quite softly. This is entry level VR about to be unleashed on the masses and one I kind of predicted to be the litmus test for the platform. Whatever it’s doing on the PC side of things is nothing compared to how the public deals with it in the home console side of things. I figured this would be the test. The exposure. The judgement. And as we’re this close to release, there seems to be very little to say or that anyone is saying at all. I imagine this to be a big bet for Sony and the release this week will be something I’ll be closely watching. As well as the weeks ahead and into the holidays. VR has always been, like Sony learned with HDR/4K, a “see it to believe it” medium.

Here’s to the future.


Season 10, Episode 39

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To start with, we had a lot of people in the chat room wanting to support us with their new Twitch Prime accounts. Man I cannot tell you how much we appreciate that. The bad news, however, is that you can’t subscribe to us like that. Not yet anyway. We’re going to look into this and keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I started the show going over the remainder of the weeks left in this year and pointing out how there is at least ONE THING in each week I want to play. I don’t remember the last time we’ve seen a fall/holiday season like this. There’s normally a game in October (or two) and then maybe a game in November. But nope, not this year. Starting with this past week and on into the first week of December (except Thanksgiving weekend), there’s a new game or item releasing that has caught my attention. From the PSVR to the NES Mini to Forza Horizons 3 last week to The Last Guardian in December.

The slate is full. Now if I could just stop playing Destiny long enough to enjoy the slate.