Season 11, Episode 03

We’re all going out of town next week at the following link.

To start with, we’re running a replay next week. I’m going out to San Antonio for PAX South with the other two are headed to a comic convention. The dates kind of worked out pretty well in that regard. Anyway…on with the show.

We’re still looking at Nintendo and trying to figure out where the value is – for us. We can possibly see it for some if the games are there but they aren’t really providing them. Not now anyway. They might be there by the time the system drops about fifty bucks and becomes a $250 console (or less), but with all costs involved you’re looking at a $350 – $380 dollar system. At the low end, it’s $50 less than a PS4 Pro and $50 to $100 more than an Xbox One S or PS4…Non-pro or whatever. And most of those systems come with packed in games at the moment. I don’t think Nintendo has failed. They just aren’t in a position right now to get my money. A lower price would help, sure, but more games are needed for me to buy into this thing and we likely won’t see anything like that until E3 – and even then those will likely be released for next year. It’s very much a wait and see sort of thing, at least for me.

What isn’t wait and see right now is VR – Matt is currently getting his first experience with PSVR and so far it seems to be blowing his mind. We’ll get more out of him when we return on February 4th.


Season 11, Episode 02

We’re really thrown off by fighting game soundtracks at the following link.

Like Nintendo’s previous console releases there’s any number of puns I could make here involving the name of their latest – but none of us on the show are fathers so we’ll leave the dad jokes to the experts.

But, like any parent, we’re (somewhat) responsible adults who look at spending three hundred dollars and try to see what value we have in it. So far, based on the launch library, we’re finding none. Look, I don’t care if the console came with all the launch titles and still cost three hundred bucks, if they aren’t games I want to play, then I’m not interested. And outside of Zelda, at the moment, there’s nothing else. And even with that I can play it on a WiiU, seemingly without any loss of visual quality or anything else for that matter outside of portability. And if everything we know were to hold true for the rest of the year, I’m still at a loss on spending three hundred dollars to play Zelda AND Mario come the fall. I’m sure other titles we’ll be announced and shown off, but the WiiU never became an interest until just this past year with a great library of games to pick from and now you can toss Zelda into that which knocks the Switch down to ONE game I’d be interested in.

I admit the allure is there. For me, anyway. It’s something new in the world of gadgets and games and that’s always a siren song for me, but Nintendo has shown me THREE times now that this isn’t a console I’ll play at launch and we’ll need to wait for the library to hopefully grow with some worthwhile exclusive titles. I say all of this knowing full well if they threw in something with Metroid I’d be in on day one more than likely.


Season 11, Episode 1

We’re 49 episodes away from our 500th at the following link.

Speaking of large numbers – I recently maxed out one of my characters in Destiny to the highest you can go, which is 400. Destiny has been around for 3 years and in all my attempts (and I did make them), I’d never gotten any of them to the level cap at the time. I’ve always been just short of that random drop that would push me over the edge. Well, that finally changed this weekend and now the bug of Destiny addiction has bitten once more.

I mentioned doing the hard mode version of their latest raid on Friday night. I did it again on Saturday and again on Sunday. Something that was once out of my reach has now started to become second nature in learning the mechanics of the process. It’s gotten me addicted again and given me more to look forward to beyond the once-a-month Iron Banner session.

But I wonder, how long will that last? As mentioned before I went 3 years chasing down that white whale, and now I’m easily within reach. What’ll happen when I finally reach the end of my race? I’m pretty curious about that, honestly. We’ll probably know by the time we settle into the studio again for our next episode.


Season 10, Episode 51

We’re not really sure what year it is at the following link.

You’d think with a week away we’d have come up with something better for our year end show. By that I mean, we’d know what our highs and lows were of the year 2016 – at least in gaming.

Not. One. Bit. In fact, some of the games we throw out there aren’t even from 2016. And what does get mentioned is from the past few months save all but DOOM.

What we are aware of, however, is that this is episode 450 and the last of 2016. And we couldn’t have reached this point and that many shows without your support. From all of us at In-Game Chat, we want to thank you for that and hope nothing but the best for you and for gaming in the new year. Thanks again, and enjoy the show!