Season 11, Episode 15

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We didn’t start the conversation near soon enough to find any sort of completion on the show, but how do you change up the common WW2 shooter? Actually, how do you change up nearly any shooter?

I think we all have ideas on how we could mess around with things and put different spins, and we’ve seen developers try new things before but what we haven’t seen much of, that we could remember, was a shooter based in WW2 from the perspective of the German soldier. We got some calls about this during the show and people didn’t seem all that against it, but I can’t help but think there’s a chart in almost every studio that develops shooters with a massive (or even short but immensely important) list of reasons why it can’t happen. I mean, this has to have come up and for one reason or another is just not possible. Or it is, but it isn’t marketable. Or something else I haven’t thought of.

Can it be done? Sure, I think it can, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it has already in some way been done and I’m forgetting it. Can it be done now and if so, how do you market something like that? For that matter, how do you build it? What’s the story, do you keep the politics in it, do you make it just one level – a lot like the “No Russian” mission in Modern Warfare 2?

I think there’s a lot of discussion there and maybe one we’ll really focus on in a future episode to get a better grasp on the subject and have more time to talk about it. Until then, however, we’d like to know your thoughts in the comments or feel free to email us what you think.


Season 11, Episode 14

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Gonna be talking about the Scorpio, again. Actually, it’s more about the direction Microsoft is moving in or the direction Phil Spencer is taking it. We talk about a lot of what he’s doing to turn the tide for Microsoft and it’s all good news for consumers. Mostly.

Refunds on digital content is great. We loved it on Steam and we welcome it in our console space as well. Complete backwards compatability down the line (One, S, Scorpio), that’s also great as well as the desire to have the new system (and systems down the line) portmap to the previous systems. Just as an aside, that’s a really small thing, I know, but as someone who tries to keep his cables managed and neat, not having to go through all that again with a new console is a small victory overall but a big one for me.

Still, we have to fall back on what we said last week and what we say any time a new console gets released – where are the games? Switch buyer over here aside, you’ve got to have something to play on the brand new shiny play thing that’s only job is to play things. I get that it’ll make my pre-existing Xbox library look better, but that library isn’t very big as it is (minus whatever is backwards compatible from the 360 days). It’s a very small stack that only seems to increase to an average one or two games per year. Seriously, 2016 saw me pick up Gears and Forza. Anything else was either exclusive to PS4/PC or multi platform where the options were better on another system.

Of course, E3 is on the horizon. I’m sure there is more to be known about the new console, but it’ll be the games I’ll be interested in. They need the exclusives and it’s pretty much a given with Scorpio they’ll have the better machine in the market until Sony does something and that can win over in the multi platform battle for a little while. I wonder if this is the kind of leap frog we’re going to see in the coming years between Sony & Microsoft. Instead of winning wars and generations – they’ll just be winning a year here and there until the competition takes over for a year or so and then back and forth. I also wonder if the marketplace can sustain such a thing. I’m kind of excited to find out.


Season 11, Episode 13

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I have a lot more in my head about The Last Guardian than was said on the show. Mainly because I finished the game the night after we finished this episode. I want to talk about that and I think I will, but probably on next week’s show.

For this week’s episode we talk about Microsoft’s new console, Project Scorpio. It wasn’t really revealed this past week but the guts of what’s inside of it were. So we have an idea on the power of this thing. That’s all well and good and at least lets us know that Microsoft wasn’t just spouting specs at E3 last year – they are actually backing up the claims. Now…show us the games. That’s usually our go to line when it comes to new consoles, but…we’re in a bit of a boat like the PS4 Pro, sort of. You can’t adequately show 4K gaming footage. It’s like 3D – it needs to be seen to be believed. Also, given their determination of EVERYTHING released for the new console will be able to be played on the old consoles (the One and One S), it doesn’t really lend itself to people going out and spending money on the most expensive machine on the shelf at the time. It may be a Microsoft exclusive game, but you’ll have options on what machine you can play that game on. DO NOT misunderstand – we’re fine with that idea. Sony is doing it with the PS4 Pro and Nintendo did it for their most wanted game of the past few years. It’s good when companies don’t alienate, but then, how do you ever drive sales of a new console when you’re old ones will get the job done just fine (with a little less shine)?

Keep in mind the guy saying all this bought a Nintendo Switch.


Season 11, Episode 12

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I shouldn’t let addictions get to me, but I guess that’s what addictions do, really. I’m also pretty dead set on never letting this one touch me, however. I talk about it in the episode but Destiny has a new record book. It’s the biggest one they’ve ever had and it tracks stats with specific things you do and have done in the game. Some of it was retroactive and I guess I’m glad more of it WASN’T, because it really might have gotten to me if more of this thing had been filled in automatically. And it would have, to be sure. There’s a lot with my 3 characters that I’ve done to easily fill in their respective pages in the record book.

There’s one thing, however, that I haven’t done. Well, there’s a lot actually and even though some of those seem out of reach, they are achievable. With a lot of work and consistent play, I could actually make those things happen (he says, eyeballing the Lighthouse). But there is one that I can never obtain. It is out of my reach and I missed it about 2 years ago. I can never get it back. It’s gone forever. And my ability to 100 percent this thing goes with it. No matter what I do I’ll have a 99.99 percent staring back at me for the rest of time. And so…I’m going to leave it be. I don’t know what it’s at right now but it’s so far from 99.99 that it doesn’t bother me. I mean, to be fair, I’m bothered I can’t do a full run on this thing, but whatever – it is completely out of my control and those are things I never let bother me – in life or in gaming.

I hate you Destiny. I can’t wait for Destiny 2.