Season 11, Episode 19

We really need a stun gun at the following link.

While another week in May has passed without Danger Zone being released, we finally have a date. Be prepared for May 30th. I’ll be streaming quite a lot of that game and talking a whole bunch about it. Just giving you a head’s up.

We still haven’t finished Prey, but that should be remedied by the next episode. We dance our way around spoilers for what we have played although I should warn you that probably won’t be the case next week when we’ve finished it.

And then there’s Destiny 2. We’ve got a few nitpicks. Maybe more than a few. We’ve also still got a few questions. And one really big question. None of this means we aren’t going to be there on day one of this thing. I mean, I complain plenty about the game at times but I’m still playing the thing. I’m always going to be playing this game. And I’m really hoping we’ll find out that I can play Destiny 2 on BOTH the PS4 and PC.

Just…come on Bungie. It’s likely this one thing will just completely have me gloss over all the nitpicks and everything else. GIVE IT TO US!



Season 11, Episode 18

What once was lost is now found at the following link.

This is your weekly May update that another week has gone by without Danger Zone being released. This means we’re one week closer to the release…whenever that may be.

Normally on the day of the show I’m able to read over a bunch of the news I’ve saved for the episode, but I didn’t get a chance to this time. I say this because had I done so I would have spent less time on those awareness numbers we talked about during the show. This is because after it was all said and done we found out just how many people were surveyed for the data. Honestly, this is probably true for a lot of polling data. I’ve never paid attention to poll data very much in so far as how many were actually polled – not the data itself.

So yeah, there’s interesting stuff in the numbers but when you find out how many people were used, it doesn’t really mean much. Seriously, 2000 people in the entire U.S. to tell us the awareness of consoles and they even had a group of people who didn’t identify as gamers, which makes that overall number even lower..

Anyway, a few of us on the show are currently in the middle of Prey and we should have plenty more to say about it next week. Just to give you a head’s up, we’re all very pleased with what we’re playing, so it should be a great conversation and we’d love to hear from you and your experience with it as well.


Season 11, Episode 17

We’re making sketchy purchases on air at the following link.

Danger Zone releases in May. That’s all we know until they say something else, so with one week down in May, we’re one week closer to the release of Danger Zone….whenever that is.

I warned you last week of what the coming weeks would look like from me because of this game. Well, this is what to expect. And it’ll be even worse when the game comes out.


Season 11, Episode 16

We’ve got Irishmen and Canadians at the following link.

I should probably prepare you for the coming weeks. Listen, we all know my love for everything Burnout. So when there’s a game trying to do at least a little of what that series did, I’m going to be promoting it. The game isn’t out yet, but when it releases, I’m going to be pushing hard for you to pick it up if possible. Its success means the development team can make more of it, be it a bigger version or add in new elements and stuff like that. Then again, there’s also the chance of it being downright garbage, but I really don’t see that happening from this team. Anyway, that’s just a warning.

Meanwhile, I finally played a game on my Nintendo Switch! You’d think it would be Zelda after having the console for almost 2 months now, but NOPE – it’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. And I am completely addicted. I think in my lifetime I’ve bought 2 other Mario Karts. The very first one and Double Dash on the GameCube. So I was due for getting another one in the series and I’m pretty sure I’ve picked the best. Also, that whole portable thing with the Switch? That thing is awesome. I brought it with me to this episode and played more of the game while waiting for the guys to arrive. That usual addiction you get with Mario Kart has finally set in as I try to score gold in ALL the cups available. This is also my first Mario Kart with online play. Double Dash never had it, so I’m curious to see how that addiction holds over when I try out multiplayer, if I could ever pull myself away from constantly trying to do better in the single player.