Season 11, Episode 24

All of our bad news is coming true at the following link.

We said Microsoft couldn’t sell their new console at five hundred dollars, but they’re doing it anyway. Then we said Destiny 2 for PC couldn’t launch a month after the console versions, and guess what?

If I could look into the future, and I think I know myself well enough that I can, I don’t really see myself playing Destiny 2 on PC. I want to play it on PC, don’t get me wrong there. But I don’t see it happening.

During E3 we found out that the PC version of the game won’t be released until October 27th. That’s near 2 months (7 weeks) from when it’ll be released on consoles. We discuss this in the show, but the landscape of gaming around the consoles release is kinda open to giving me time to enjoy the game. Especially compared to the landscape on that October date. And that’s just talking about other games that will be trying for my attention (and will get it too). That doesn’t include how far into Destiny 2 I’ll already be on the consoles when the PC counterpart is released. That also doesn’t include the unfriendly side of things where their consumer base is concerned. I’m not calling foul just yet since they have time to correct a few things. I won’t go into detail here but we do discuss them in this episode.

It’s still a choice. One I’m not really good with. Going both ways I’m very likely to try and keep them both as up to date as possible which will be double the time sink and I’m just not sure how fun that will be for me. Plus there’s a matter of ALL the double-dipping I’ll be doing when you factor in the DLC stuff for ever how long this is going to go on. That’s the kind of future I’m looking at and I’m not very fond of it.

This is something likely boiling down to a first-come first-served, and the console version, sad to say, is going to win out.

E3 Episodes

Season 11, Episode 23

We’re not buying the hype at the following link.

I’ve had about a week to think on it. By it I mean E3. There are so very few silver linings from this year, it’s hard to be hopeful. About the only two things I can get excited for is New Colossus and Super Mario Odyssey.

Microsoft is just blowing it with a $500 console. Sony’s lineup looked nice but outside of Uncharted in August, everything else is sometime next year. Seriously…go back and watch and see what of their exclusives gets released this year. Ubisoft has Assassin’s Creed Origins – I’m not sold on them turning a new leaf with this franchise until it actually happens. Mario & Rabbids looked WAY better than I expected as far as gameplay is concerned. Then their big moment was Beyond Good & Evil 2 only to find out it’s at day 0 of development. So square one, essentially, from the last time they showed us that game.

EA had nothing. Yes, Battlefront 2 is still nothing. Need For Speed just might hook me with their Burnout style takedowns, but I’m going to need to see more before I get even halfway excited for that title. The PC Gaming show was completely horrible compared to years past. Massive let down there. Bethesda had nothing but the New Colossus game as I mentioned and whatever that Dishonored thing was – whenever that gets released.

Then there’s Destiny 2. We’re saving that one for next week.

E3 Episodes

Season 11, Episode 22

We’re excited and cringing simultaneously at the following link.

This is being written on a Saturday night. Just after this episode, actually. So I can’t tell you about whatever Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, or Bethesda has shown off – even though you’ll know by the time this show is posted.

What I can say is that we were all very unimpressed with EA’s offerings. Personally, for me, the most bittersweet of it all is that Need For Speed game. Just….just call it Burnout Payback. The name even fits the series more than it does for NFS. It is TOTALLY a Burnout game – just look at those takedowns!

The reason I am writing this now, by the way, is because tomorrow will be very busy when I normally sit down and write these things. Microsoft is in the afternoon and Bethesda is….really really late at night for a guy who gets up really really early in the morning during the week. I may plan to watch it anyway. Somehow. Naps are involved, I think.

As I wrap this up without knowing anything of what’s to come, I just hope all your E3 dreams came true by the time you read this. So far, the lack of seeing more of whatever Amy Hennig is working on and that damn Need For Speed But Should Be Called Burnout game means mine hasn’t started off so well. We’ll see how this turns out on the next episode.


Season 11, Episode 21

We have our flaws and setbacks but we’re also free at the following link.

E3 is this weekend. And it’s really kind of weird. Everything feels scattered. I think this is good, but I don’t know. It’s strange not having everything back to back like it used to be. Everything used to be on a Monday and then Nintendo on Tuesday. Now some of it is on Saturday (right before we go live), some of it on Sunday, some on Monday, and then Nintendo on Tuesday. Also, Bethesda…what’s up with 11pm on a Sunday night for your E3 showcase? I’m old now and I have to be up early the next morning. Knock it off.

Anyway, this used to be time for speculation but with the way it’s all set up our next two episode will be covering E3. Next weekend we’ll just be coming off of EA’s press conference literally just an hour before the show so we’ll go in depth with whatever it is they show us. But, by the time next weekend’s show is up for download, you’ll have already known everything there is to know – which is where that following episode after E3 comes into play.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the surprises. The unknown’s. There’s enough known for me to easily fill up everyone’s presentation (except maybe Bethesda). Microsoft has Scorpio and then plenty of games to show off and talk about. Sony has PSVR, Last Of Us 2, and a truckload of other titles to include. Ubisoft has the new AC, the new FC, and I am hoping like hell a new SC. But what are the unknown’s? That’s the fun part, for me anyway. The next two weeks are going to be fun.


Season 11, Episode 20

We’ve failed. This isn’t the one. Start over at the following link.

Time and time again we’ve talked about how choices in games either matter or don’t matter. With some very few exceptions (Stories: Paths Of Destiny), they actually do matter on the outcome of the game you’re playing. I think Prey can fall into that category. It is a game with multiple paths to approach many problems just as much as it has multiple endings depending on how you played. And that last part is key. The endings aren’t so much a choice as it is….a performance review, in a sense. It’s a game that looks at HOW you played over what choice you made. You aren’t picking the good ending or the bad ending, but you decide on WHO you want to be and HOW you’ll want to play, and that, ultimately, decides your fate when it’s all said and done.

I started the game later than everyone else on the show so it gave me the chance to see how they were playing and go COMPLETELY opposite. We always tend to go the “good” route on the first playthrough in these games of choices so I went evil. It’s not what I’m used to when playing a game for the first time and I got the ending I deserved. But it wasn’t even a question or a look back at my playing. The game knew I was a horrible evil person and gave me the shortest ending available. That’s your punishment, I guess. But, even if I’d given it a great try to be good, it doesn’t mean it would have changed for me. It’s all dependant on how you play.

Prey judges you. In the very beginning of the game you are given a series of questions of hypothetical situations. It’s a quick test. But it sets the tone for the rest of the entire game as one big series of questions for you to answer in actions. And those answers matter.