Season 11, Episode 28

We can never be satisfied at the following link.

Destiny 2 is on our minds this episode and it isn’t all good. But what does it even matter when regardless of the issues I and others may have we know damn well where we’ll be when this thing goes live.

Destiny has always had this grip over us. We can find plenty of things we hate about it but in the end we keep coming back to it and we’ll be doing the same with Destiny 2. The new weapon thing will take some getting used to along with the other changes, but we’ll be there. Some of us in more than one place come October or so. I don’t know what will happen when I have this game on PS4 and PC. I don’t picture myself keeping up with both platforms but stranger things have happened when it comes to my time and gaming.

Speaking of, if anything I can find positive with this recent beta of Destiny 2, it’s that I’m way more excited to play the beta on PC.

Although with my luck it’ll drop the same time I’m out of town for PAX West.


Season 11, Episode 27

One-eyed Willy has been found at the following link.

Life tip: Keep those eyes clean and keep clean anything that touches them.

I think I own a few early access titles. But not many. I dipped my toe into that pool once or twice and the water never got comfortable enough for me to dive into. That’s a way of saying I don’t like early access. But, I also don’t mind early access. I’m pretty sure I was the same way when it first started to come into practice. One of those…”Hmmm…I’ll keep my eye on this” kind of things. I’m not against it though. We’ve actually gotten some great games from the concept, but, I don’t know. I think, for me, getting the game early like that let me play it to the point that when it came out of early access I wasn’t excited about it. It was all over news sites and review sites and people were talking about it, but here I was just…meh, I played it already months ago. And while things were tweaked and changed, I’d already moved on. Maybe that’s my issue with the practice. I’m really not sure. I just know when I see something that interests me on Steam and then see it in early access, I just move on to something else. It isn’t something at that stage that I’m willing to spend my money on. Again, though, keep in mind, this is just my opinion. And understand I’m not condemning the practice of early access. It’s just not my thing.

Then there’s the whole issue of Kickstarter/crowd funding types. An issue better saved for a future episode.


Season 11, Episode 26

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Microsoft finally let loose with more details of the guts of the Xbox One X – which I still prefer the name Scorpio. It lives up the hype, but as the risk of sounding like a PC purist, everything it can do has to end with the phrase “for a console”. And they don’t really deny that. Marketing right now is calling it the world’s most powerful console. That’s absolutely true. But even with all that power, it’s still not giving you true 4K content in your games. Movies? Sure. That’s not a problem, but the games still have a hill to climb. Along with…other issues.

I would love to say that Microsoft’s flagship title to usher in this new power is Crackdown 3, but I don’t even think they care about that anymore as shown in their E3 presentation. It was buried deep into the show with a silly trailer that did nothing for me and then they moved on. No, the flagship title is a racing game. It opened E3 and was pretty much given the most amount of time on stage, even if some of that time was spent displaying a real car (I’ll never understand the people who organize these shows – the marketing makes no sense to me). Forza Motorsport 7 is one hundred gigabytes. I don’t know how or why that is. I can’t think of a single PC game that comes in at that size (without DLC). But if this is the road to (not even true) 4K gaming on consoles….we’re gonna need a bigger boat. The default 1TB drive that comes on the Xbo..Scorpio isn’t going to cut it if we’re getting 100GB games right out of the gate without patches or DLC.

Oh yeah, then there’s the issue of people with internet caps and the like.


Season 11, Episode 25

We’re unboxing a lot of boxes at the following link.

The lazy days of summer are never more apparent for me than in the world of video games. Sure, we have E3, but we blow through that in a day or two at most. What we are left with is the need for summer to speed on by as fast as possible so we can get to everything we just saw from E3.

There’s the issue of a backlog, however, and it’s usually where you can find me during the summer months. Finishing up games that are usually getting sequels in the coming months. Just recently I finished up Shadow Of Mordor and I’ll be moving on to the Dishonored DLC and Dishonored 2 in preparation for the new expand-alone or whatever it is. At some point in all of this I’ll have to make time for the Destiny 2 beta.

There’s also a sprinkling of new release games due up in this month and next, with more of the higher profile ones getting released in late August.

Those are my summer plans, anyway. What are yours?